Nvidia releases GeForce 355.80 Hotfix driver for Windows 10

By Scorpus
Aug 28, 2015
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  1. Nvidia has released a new set of GeForce graphics card drivers, version 355.80, that aims to resolve issues with multi-GPU systems in Windows 10. The drivers are listed as a "Hotfix", meaning they are neither WHQL-certified nor beta, instead intended to resolve one specific issue with previous driver versions.

    The GeForce 355.80 Hotfix drivers resolve an issue where excessive virtual memory was being consumed in SLI configurations on Windows 10. In some games, such as Battlefield 4, memory usage would continue to expand with SLI enabled to the point that the game would crash. This should no longer occur after the 355.80 drivers are installed.

    If you're experiencing the aforementioned issue with SLI and Windows 10, go ahead and download the GeForce 355.80 Hotfix drivers right now, either through GeForce Experience or our driver download section.

    For other users, it's probably best to refrain from updating just in case this hotfix driver introduces new issues. It shouldn't be too long before Nvidia releases a new set of WHQL-certified GeForce drivers with the fix for this SLI issue baked in.

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  2. danny22

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    Nice was waiting 4 this for so long :)

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