NZXT Khaos Full ATX case review

Julio Franco

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More often than not we get the pleasure of testing some of the hottest PC components. From processors to graphics cards, these can sometimes go for well over the $500 mark. And while these very expensive parts are usually targeted at gamers and the enthusiast crowd, you will find it rare to have this same group spending as much on other parts like a case, for example.

Those were our thoughts when NZXT contacted us last June announcing their new Khaos all-aluminum gaming chassis which is selling for nothing short of $400. NZXT is better known for their creative looking gaming cases that sell for $150 or less. However, we must respect the company’s evident intention of upping the ante with a flagship product of their own.

So what does the Khaos offer for this kind of money? This quickly turned out to be the $400 question as I ripped this case out of its enormous box. Having finally removed the packaging, I proceeded to lift the 34.6 pounds slab of case and dumped it on the nearest desk.

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Hmm.. I did like the features that it had (like folding out the whole motherboard), and the design is quite nice.

Although I didn't see any actual results when talking about air flow and temps.

overall, keep up the good job :)
Excellent honest review

You approach this review with such honesty and eye for details, like the welded drive bays, the problematic tray(cons) and the good paintwork(pros). As other similar reviews I believe would just skip this part entirely. Moreover, even though it cost around $400, you weren't afraid to comment on its bad side, and we appreciate you for doing so.
After reading the conclusion I felt at ease and kinda being educated, as this guy knows what he is paying for and what we should expect from such a priced product.
I am really glad I found this review, can't wait to see more pc case review of yours soon.