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Office 2007 Autocomplete

By cozzielex
Dec 8, 2009
  1. Can anyone please tell me where the autocomplete tab is in Word 2007. And also I'd like to know if there is an autocomplete facility in the message body in Outlook 2007.
  2. Ronell

    Ronell TS Rookie

    This is what i picked from the microsoft website called technet i hope it helps.


    What’s removed


    Autosummarize command: The AutoSummarize control is removed from the user interface, but can be added to the Quick Access Toolbar from the Customized tab in Word Options. This was a low-use feature.

    AutoComplete for AutoText: The AutoComplete tip functionality that displays after typing the first few characters of the AutoText entry has been removed. However, AutoComplete is still available for the current system date, months, and days of the week.


    mswrd832.cnv: The new converter provided in has improved functionality.

    wrd6er32.cnv: This converter saved Word 97-2003 files as RTF with a .doc extension so the files could be read by Word 95. To create documents that can be read by Word 95, save the documents as RTF files. Download the Office File Converter Pack to enable Word 95 to open these files.

    Outdated Korean-specific converters (GSR32.CNV, HANA32.CNV, TGWP32.CNV): These converters supported three word processing programs that are no longer in use.

    Personal Address Book (PAB): Users can no longer use a PAB file as a source for mail merge documents. This feature is replaced by Contacts in Outlook. Users should use Contacts instead of PAB files.

    Wpequ532.dll: This was used to render equations when WordPerfect 5.0 and 6.0 files were opened in Word. This change increases security by removing legacy code that is no longer used. If needed, Wpequ532.dll is available in the Office File Converter Pack from the Microsoft Download Center
  3. cozzielex

    cozzielex TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 42

    Thanks for your help Ronell, looks like Microsoft aren't happy with making life easy for us.
    Thanks for you time
  4. Ronell

    Ronell TS Rookie

    Alway welcome...

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