Keyboard / Mouse Old DOS 486 problem -- no keyboard/input -- help!

a friend of mine used an old computer to create a program to enter customers and summaries of days on an old DOS 486 computer. It would start the program right after boot up. Now on start up we get the NO keyboard/input Error message so I can't even boot up. I believe its the CMOS battery on the Motherboard that is gone.
I have tried a second keyboard( both keyboards light up) so it is a motherboard issue.....
Secondly can the HDD be downloaded so that the program can be ran through DOS on a new computer?


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You haven't really given us enough information to help you, but yes, it is possible, to do... You can partition the hard drive of another computer into two or more partitions.. Perhaps Windows XP on one partition, and DOS 3.11 or Windows 95 or Windows 98 on the other partition. This will enable you to have a normal install... and be able to switch to the other partition to run DOS... and the program you need to get working. Any old timer computer enthusiast should be able to help you with it.
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Using a ps2 keyboard with small to big adapter jack.... the keyboard is onboard the motherboard; can i use an i/o card with a ps2 input and just try that?


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I/O card might work. But probably difficult to find one. A computer that old probably doesn't have PCI slots, just ISA.