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By ranjitdalipsing
Nov 4, 2008
  1. Hi i have this Problem with this Dell dimension 9100 i have

    i get the 0x00000024 error and tried everything

    my Bios Dectects the sata HDD in the CMOS
    but when i want to install XP it says HDD not found check the power etc etc

    i trying to reinstall XP on it

    i downloaded UBD and tryed the HDD diag and all Passed NO problem with HDD
    all them programs saw the HDD and no problem

    when i try to boot Magic Partition i get I/O disk error

    when i leave XP to load (xp screen will appear for 1 sec )it will just go straight to 0x00000024

    i also tried a different HDD and same problem XP install says HDD not there and in CMOS its there
    HELP HELP i tried everything i know on the net and non worked
    also tryed Recovery and it says Drive not found

    every app on UBD sees the HDD and say its ok

    is it a problem with the bios/mobo???
  2. nobardin

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  3. swker98

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    i had the same problem you should run memtest 86 for atlest 7 passes and see if the ram is good or not and burn it to a cd
  4. kimsland

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    Here's the link we use for that: (Memtest Guide)

    Please run Memtest on your Ram
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