Online retail sales to reach nearly $250 billion in 2014

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E-tailers can expect to see a rise in business over the coming years, according to data from Forrester Research. In a five-year forecast, the firm predicts that e-commerce sales in the US will grow by 10% annually through 2014. Web-based retail sales will reach nearly $250 billion in 2014, up from $155 billion last year. At that point, online transactions will represent 8% of all retail sales in the US, up from 6% in 2009.

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Buying stuff online is great, but everybody loves the yearly trip Christmas shopping right? I see online sales increasing, but it not inpacting too much on high street and outlet sales that shops start having to close.


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If anything that number will only increase. I always look at items and prices online before I ever even attempt to go to a store. It is so much more convenient but shipping tends to be the reason I head to my local store.

Why pay $10 for something I will get next week when I can spend $15 for something and get it right then. Crude example I know but it all applies.


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I'll believe it. I do a lot of shopping and browsing for stuff online. As with InsaneVr6, anything I want/need that isn't a common day to day item I usually look online for first.


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I love online shopping. But before I buy online, I usually go to any store with the actual product to try before I buy. If I like it, then I would offer to buy the product there at the store only if the store would sell it for the same price as the one advertised online. I do admit that it only worked 50% of the times. My wife is embarrass when I do this. Now I do it just to embarrass her.


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Online shopping is an easy way to find a great bargain and compare prices to multiple stores without having to lift a foot. Retail stores and retail prices are for suckers they charge ridiculous prices and are generally only well priced when they have sales on. Plus online stores deliver straight to you door often with cheap or free delivery saving money on petrol and thus less car emissions reduction road congestion making it a green way to shop. :D


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With everyone trying to close budget deficits, online sales are too big and juicy a target for states to ignore. It's just a matter of time before all online sales are taxed too.


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Online shopping will have little or no impact on a 'green planet'. You don't drive to get your item from your local Wal-Mart, but shipping from an online retailer could come from halfway across the world. Had to get that off my chest first.

Other than that it is only natural that people will want to save money and have more convenience. I think the growth prediction is a little low. With the ever increasing popularity of netbooks, smartphones, 3G, WiMax, more and more people will have access to online shopping.


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Technically all the items are shipped from across the world anyway the difference is there shipped to Wal-Mart not my door.


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I've done much online computer purchasing, but I really prefer shopping retail at Fry's, Best Buy, Tiger Direct (now CompUSA), and office supply stores. I really get better than online deals reading the Chicago Tribune and responding to their sale ads. For example, I got a 17" generic monitor for $70 at TigerDirect outlet. Two years ago (when they were more expensive) I got a 42" hi def lcd tv at Wal-Mart for $598 responding to a Tribune sale ad. I bought and returned a macbook pro from Frys with no restocking fee. These newspaper ad deals just can't be beat, and the stores around here are great.


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waiting for that day when I sit in front of computer and buy a product online with in cheap price. I don't have to pay extra money to reseller. This is the fact online business is increasing day by day coz people connecting day by day with the internet.


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One important factor for buying online is avoiding state taxes. I know my California brothers feel the same way, hehe. Sucks for those who love to shop at Newegg... but thank god for Tiger Direct, hehe.


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online shopping is great! especially during the holidays. sure the money is still being spent... but lots of good deals and no line ups!


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I buy most of my electronics online. Mainly due to price, but selection is also very limited where i live (2 hours to any large urban area). My choices are wal-mart, best buy, and online. Chances are even if i need it fast i can't get it around here, such as when i needed to replace a 40mm fan on my southbridge.


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Since I live in a small town going shopping is always a frustration, there is almost nothing available at high prices, that's why I only buy everything electronics/computer related online, can go wrong with amazon excellent shipping service! (free shipping that is)


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I can't remember the last time I bought something electronic in a regular store, heck I don't even buy books in regular stores, internet ftw ;]


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Interesting numbers and insights from the comment for me as someone who lives in a slow developing country, Online shopping is merely starting here, and purchasing from outside can be expensive due to customs applied on certain goods upon arriving "lame I know"..


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Buying online is so much easier than going to a store and staying in long lines. I believe that in the next decade or so buying online will become as common as drinking beer.


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if u worked form home you would not have to leave the house. Ever. you could get everything and anything off the net!


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shopping on net is gr8! u can compare the features n prices of products by just a mere click!
but going to the shop n actually feeling the product before buying is much more fascinating!
so i prefer goin personally n shoppin! not on the net!
but shoppin on net also saves time n energy! lol


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Shopping personally has their own perks, but you have to shop spontaneously in order for it to be a satisfying experience. You know? you were walking then you see a great product, you get interested then you buy it. But I don't think it is worthwhile to drive across town just to buy a single product.


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One of the great things about buying online is reading the reviews from other people - even if I see an awesome deal at a high street store I will still go home and check some reviews or to see if there is a better price online.

I think the only time I go to a store is to buy clothes or food - nothing like picking the freshest tomatoes :)


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I buy most of my electronics online, and a lot of my books too, but that's about it. For the rest, I find the local store more convenient.
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