OpenSUSE Adobe Flash Player problems

By fearraza
Feb 13, 2009
  1. After installing openSUSE (the latest ver from their site)
    I had problems with the flash player. I've done all the necessary steps but still, my browser (Firefox, Konqueror) cant detect the flash player installed. I cant watch anything from video stream sites such as Youtube.

    Can someone help me pls. I'm a total newbie in Linux.
  2. Cdubua

    Cdubua TS Rookie

    try downgrading adobe flash player to ver. 9 ......ver 10 seems to be messing with everyone
  3. Go the address bar in Firefox and type [noparse]"about:plugins"[/noparse]. Is flashplayer listed there? If not then you might have not installed the actual plugin itself.
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