Opera lawsuit says former employee took trade secrets to Mozilla

Shawn Knight

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Browser maker Opera has filed a lawsuit against a former employee, alleging he shared trade secrets with rival Mozilla. Designer and musician Trond Werner Hansen is on the hook for 20 million Norwegian Krone, or about $3.4 million in damages...

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As small time as Opera is, I kinda doubt that to be the case. Seriously what would Mozilla want with anything from Opera? At least the dollar amount is not outrage, to the tune of billions.

PS. I am an Opera user, so I'm not prejudice against them.


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That is sad. I love my Opera over Chrome and FF.
I've use all 3 almost daily for testing, but I always end up on Opera. Chrome is a second for Google use, but that is about it.

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Oh, Opera..what must you be thinking. This is not a good use of time and resources. If these were good ideas and if they were yours first, why didn't you get them out in front earlier? Is it because you now regret the lost opportunity? The better solution is to deliver the next best thing.