OS for playstation 3

By ussoldier73
Oct 12, 2008
  1. I have a playstation3 I was trying to install pclinuxos and its not opening the os I can't afford xp or vista anyone have any ideas how I can get a os that is cheap and will work for playstation 3
  2. Jager

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    look for the Yellow Dog Linux... it was officially made just for the PS3... i dunno if it is free to download or if u must buy. can also call Sony support and ask them how you go about installing it.
  3. TimeParadoX

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    You have to pay for Yellow Dog, but who actually pays for stuff these days?

    You can install another OS by following this guide:

    Make sure to back up your saves since you'll need to format your HDD for the PS3 which will cause all data ( besides the PS3 Operating System ) to be deleted.
  4. ussoldier73

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    Yes I got it

    There is sites that you can get YDL free but... The ISO is so big you can't burn it to a cd. You have to have a dvd burner. There is another OS that is made for PS3 Gentoo live. Which is a really cool OS cause you don't have to save it to your hard drive just to a cd. You instert the CD when you use the OS. One catch though you have to have the high def cables for the PS3 to run either of the OS's. I have also realized how linux sites ussaully make it hard to understand I should say the people who put up the info. Its all most like a linux club or internet gang. They complicate something so simiple. So that new users have to figure out everything on their own, which to me says alot about linux hardcore users. Get over yourselves you don't have to be a computer nerd to use linux. Its so easy it doesn't have to take forever to install. One find the software which is easy search fedora 9 on any search engine etc.. yahoo,google and you will find it there. Stay away from sites with alot of file names and mumbo jumbo their the people trying to make it hard. Good luck and Good day
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