Out of office reply not working, no e-mail is sent

By maituikas
Nov 28, 2008
  1. Hi,
    I have a problem in my office with on of the workstations running win xp pro sp2.
    We have exchange server running in sbs2003 for storing e-mails and a pop3 connector to actually download the e-mails from pop3 mailboxes outside the office and distribute them across the office to right mailboxes. One of the employee went for a holiday today and set up out of office reply but no-one gets an actual one time automatic reply from this e-mail address. I tested it in another pc with anothe account and it worked fine so the problem is only with this pc. Does anybody have idea how to fix this issue. (out of office replies are enabled in exchange system manager)
    I found one description by googling saying that ''Apparently, my rule templates were corrupt (even though I didn't see any rules existing, they still existed in my information store). Had to use an Exchange utility to delete the rules out of my information store. It worked like a charm. Hope it will help others in the future.''
    What´s that Exchange utility and where can I delete the rules out of my information store?
    Please help somebody.. I would be very grateful

    thanks in advance

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