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When I start my pc it says "out of range" so I looked at a few vids and I fixed it by installing normal windows display adapter but now when I try to install the AMD RX 570 Driver immediately screen goes black and it says "out of range" ive tried changing the refresh rate 64Hertz and there is no option for any other Refresh rate my pc is new and it was just built ive also tried to use a program called "Cru" so try to get an option for 60HZ but that doesnt work Does anyone have a solution?

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From your description that your 'resolution' (pixel size defined for your screen) is incorrect. How that happened I can not tell. Based on your other comments, I suspect you have a corrupted driver. DDU wipes the graphics drivers completely. Once cleaned and restarted, you can then right click on the desktop, click display settings, select display and reset your resolution. Then install AMD driver.
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