Over 8 million Gamigo user logins leaked months after breach


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Millions of user logins swiped from a German gaming company earlier this year have appeared online this month. In February, hackers bypassed the security of free-to-play MMORPG outfit Gamigo, taking over 11 million email addresses and encrypted passwords (though only…

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Wow...that is brutal. It really leavings one scratching their head how these high-profile companies keep experiencing breach after breach. It's not a novelty anymore - they should know better and have the proper security in place.


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I know it won't happen in the US, but since the EU likes to get into everyone's business about everything, I'd like to see a commission set up to review these "hacks" and see what exactly happened. And if a company was found to be too lax in their security, especially when it turns out that the rank and file IT workers have been warning about this for a long time, then the company should be fined (into oblivion) if needed. And then the fine should be divided up among the affected users.

Making a person change a bunch of passwords is time consuming, not to mention the fear people have of their information being out in the wild, etc. Even if its $5, that would serve to compensate people for their trouble, rather than just going to line some country's pockets. All this crap is making me become a socialist...bleh.


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# qwailo247 - I agree with you even tho after the fines I would also add a new leadership to the company.

Anyways...I wonder when steam will get hacked :/