Over saturated, Over Bright and Orange

By EClyde
Dec 24, 2015
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  1. This is what I know and I am out of thoughts.

    For no apparent reason my Asus 6870 while using the HDMI output to monitor became oversaturated, overbright and orange. The card does not output this way via DVI or VGA. I thought it the card. The board, an MSI has onboard Intel HD 4000 graphics which via HDMI outputs normally.

    If I use Microsofts VGA drivers for the 6870 output is also fine using HDMI

    I uninstalled all AMD drivers and software with a driverclean program from AMD and installed older drivers...I had updated to the most current for the new AMD control panel. The older drivers
    did not work properly. I tried an alternate HDMI cable...no help.

    I thought it might be the HDMI input on the monitor but I discount this because the Intel 4000 works fine.

    I bought a new videocard R9 265 and the card experiences all the issues of the 6870.

    I thought maybe the OS had been corrupted so I hooked a different computer up via HDMI to the monitor and experienced the same issues.

    Previously I had adjusted the output in the AMD control panel (I can't recall which specific settings) and the output on the 6870 on Win 8 became what I wanted but then for no apparent reason the output reverted to the oversat, overbright and orange.

    I hope I am clear if I need to input clarifiers I gladly will.

    I have reached the end of my skill level and need help

    Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays

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