Overclock not working?

  1. Hi, first time poster. Came here to see if someone could help me because Toms Hardware forum site is trash and not working.

    Here is what I am running...
    (It's mid-end, I know but bear with me. This PC was a gift, I don't have this issue on my PC at home.)

    OS: Microsoft Windows 10 (build 10240), 64-bit
    GPU: AMD Radeon HD 5570
    CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 910 Processor
    RAM: 8.0 GB
    HD: 100GB (I know it's garbage but I only use one game on it and I don't mind load times.)
    Not sure about Mboard, haven't cracked it open to check so I'm hoping it's not an issue for this.. issue. Lol.

    So here is my issue. I used AMD Catalyst to overclock the GPU, obviously. Not that I really needed to it's just pretty much just this "take what I can get" step. But I'm not sure it's... Working. The game I wanted to use this for is Tera, which my crappy mid-end PC should be more than capable of running. However, I am only getting around 20-30 FPS even with advanced lighting (the game ties Anti-Aliasing in with this) completely off. No other setting, render distance, shadows, none of it seems to have any impact on framerate. So I checked Catalyst while I had the game running and here is what it showed me.

    The settings I have set are 750MHz for the GPU clock, that's the max I can get up from 450 I think.
    890 MHz for memory, which is as high as I could get it to pass the testing.

    Temperature is not an issue, even in the mile of gaming it sits at a nice 45-50 degrees Celsius.

    The monitors on the top of this screen read 157MHz for GPU and 200MHz for memory... Now that remains the same whether in idle on my desktop or in the middle of the game. So... What gives? I have it set to high performance mode in power settings and everything points that it is on and functioning... yet I get these trash FPS values. The activity reading also displays a flat 0 while only occasionally fluctuating up to 2%. I feel like the GPU isn't being put to work at all, I mean 157MHz is lower than the stock max setting and that's in the middle of a game. What gives?
  2. Tad Silverthorn

    Tad Silverthorn TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Can't run wow either at 60fps without being on the lowest graphical settings, and even then just barely. My stock intel laptop with a stock intel card can run it at 90+ on high settings, this is not normal.

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