OWA times out after upgrading to IE 8

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Jun 11, 2009
  1. I'm using Microsoft Windows Vista Premium Home O/S, system 64 based PC.

    I recently received a windows update notification to install Internet Explorer 8 for Windows Vista for x64 based systems.

    The install was successful.

    Since installing IE 8 I've been having an issue with Outlook Web Access (company's email to access and view mails remotely).

    I can log into OWA successfully. I can view mails in succession just by single clicking on one mail, then another. Here's the problem: When I double click on an email item to open the mail for better viewing I constantly receive the OWA login screen to enter my username and password. This only happens when I double click on an email item to open it up. If I just click on email items to view them one after another without opening them, then I'm not being prompted for log on credentials.

    I didn't have the above problem when using IE 7.

    Before entering my username and password at the OWA log in screen under 'Security' I select Premium and under 'Client' I select Private computer.

    I need help.

    So, what is going on here?

    Should I revert to IE 7 or what?

    I checked windows updates this morning and noticed I have an important update.
    Windows Service Pack 2 for x64 based Systems (kb948465)

    Should I install this update, and if so, will it rectify my problem?

    Any assistance will be truly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. CAMusing

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  4. Jboman

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    I'm using 6GB of RAM
  5. Jboman

    Jboman TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 29

    This problem didn't start until upgrading to Internet Explorer 8

    I didn't have this problem when I was using Internet Explorer 7

    Should I revert to Internet Explorer 7, and if so, will there be any security risk?

    Any suggestions or advise will be truly appreciated
  6. Bobbye

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    6MB is a lot of RAM! Check and be sure your motherboard can support it.

    Internet Explorer v8 is still fairly new and that means likely there are still some bugs to work out. IF you used IEv7 without incident, yes, I recommend you return to it. If your security settings are good, it shouldn't make you any more vulnerable.

    As far as I know, IEv8 is just a new version, like IEv7 was. It's NOT an update- there's a difference in an update and an upgrade or new version.
  7. Jboman

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    Thanks for the reply Bobbye

    I may take your advice and revert to IEv7

    IEv8 has it's issues I must agree, but once the 'bug's are out it should be fine

    My second computer that is a Windows XP box (Home Edition) has IEv8 installed, and I am not encountering the same issue with OWA as with the Microsoft Windows Vista Premium Home O/S

    I guess XP O/S work better with IEv8 than Vista O/S does. Just an assumption

    Thanks again Bobbye, will take you up on your suggestion to go back to IEv7
  8. Bobbye

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    Check out the information here per IE8:

    You might find a reason why it works better on one operating system and not as well on another.

    If you can define what features in IE8 you like, you might be able to find them in another browser. Althought IE7 has some of these features, I use Firefox because I like the tabbed browsing and the ability to customize it for my needs with the add-ons selection.
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