P4 Cooling?

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Jul 15, 2002
  1. I am about to purchase the new Abit IT7 board and run a P4 1.8a processor. I am so used to P3's that I haven't kept up with the best cooling options for the P4. I am not planning on overclocking. Looking for stability in my computer... What are the best options for heatsink/fans for the Pentium 4 that will work well with the IT7 board? Thanks,
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    as long as you dont plan to overclock you should be fine with any heatsink/fan combo rated for that speed, however i would recomend something that is beyond what you need in order to retain the potental for overclocking.

    Im partial to the overclockerz (they changer there name ) (www.noblepcs.com they have realy good products and great servise (and they started out a year ago in a garage 3 blocks from my house)
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    The standard heatsink & fan combo which comes with (retail only?) P4's is very much sufficient.
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    You may be content with "sufficient" or "adequate" but myself, I take cooling very seriously and want something I can depend on.
    I'd recommend having a look at Thermaltake's offerings. The Volcano 7 and the Dragon Orb are both good coolers, though the Dragon is quite noisy. I believe you will find them at most if not all of Uncleel's links above.
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