Palm Pre in stores, plagued with display issues?

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Jun 7, 2009
  1. found putting piece of junk in freezer for minute or two helps to cut down on blackouts on piece of poo phone. can not wait till ten am. goodnight palm. really, no battery, spell check, no one can hear one word when I call.... wast of tiem, o meant time but your phone cant catch
  2. got my pre 2 wks now, and it would shutdown on its own just my 2nd day of use. The guy at the store said to turn off the phone and turn it back on, he did not understand the issue, because the phone obviously was already off on it own. I was able to duplicate the problem; if you slide the keyboard 2 to 5 times, it will probably shutdown on its own. Going back tomorrow to get replacement.

    The phone has only freezed on me 2 to 3 times, just remove the battery and put it back in.

    As for battery life, just turn off GPS, this will help with the heat issue also.
  3. Actually, it looks like the biggest initial issue with the Pre was simply the resets/lockups due to the batteries...probably because they were not properly conditioned properly upon being shipped. After a day or two, most people had time to charge the phone for a couple of cycles, which allowed 1) the batteries to get more stable and 2) the charge-level-detection circuity to become "trained" to know the battery charge level.

    Palm has already released a software update that fixed some of the initial issues with the phone, and is working on another update. They appear to really be supporting the product.

    As far as "dead pixels" or display issues...none with my Pre so far...had it a few weeks now.

    I question the wisdom of titling this article "...plagued..." by the authors. Makes it sound like they have authoritative statistics on the percentage of Pres with any display issues at all...which they don't. Poor journalism.
  4. Same problem as others have reported--randomly shuts down. I found email set up to be challenging and needlessly complex. I can't believe they have a calendar and email sync/ integration feature with Gmail and Facebook but not with common providers like Yahoo. Also find it astonishing that they do not offer a simple app to sync with Outlook on my desktop--what were they thinking? Facebook? Who cares about Facebook? Really!

    As for battery life--what battery life are we talking about? Alas, the Pre has no appreciable battery life. I shut off GPS and location - based services and that helps but only marginally. This thing is still a power hungry little piglet.

    After all the pre-launch (sic) fuss and bother, I figured that they would have had the hardware issues at least, figured out. I anticipate nothing but trouble from that fragile little slide-out keyboard. I owned a Blackberry Pearl last year --or more accurately, four of them (original plus three replacements due to Java issues)--and the nasty little trackball was a constant irritant.
  5. In response to shutting down when closing keyboard:

    yes, mine just started doing that this weekend. It also shuts down when using the camera feature. the battery life was great after I started having hotmail checked only every 6 hours, but it plunged over the cliff when the shutdown issue started up. It also gets really hot at times when charging.
  6. My Pre just started shutting down today. Did you find a fix or take it back in?
  7. YES Mine sometimes shuts down completely when I shut the keyboard. It happend twice today. I type a text and hit send, close the keyboard, then the display fades to black and it's off completely. And as I was typing this message, I got a text, replied, shut the keyboard, and it happened again!!! Can anyone else reproduce this?
  8. AH I found the problem and solution for the shut off issue. The battery is a smidge too small, and can jar out of contact when you shut the keyboard. If you go to the store they may give you a new battery, or you can simply put a peice of paper in there to press the batter harder against the contacts, and the problem goes away.
  9. You can organize the book marks (as well as the five on the main screen), just push and hold the bookmark until a little circle appears and then you can drag it to a new location. For the front screen, you must send one to the bookmark page before you can swap it for a new one, but it works the same way.

    BTW, I too have been having the shutdown issue. I just read somewhere to check and make sure the battery is seated properly (so remove and replace). So far not shutdowns since, but it's only been a 1/2 hour.
  10. Another Disappointed Palm Pre Owner: I've owned the gadget for 2 weeks. The first prob I had was the back flick action. I flicked fast, I flicked slow, I multi-flicked. Eventually something catches and if licks! Now, it started randomly shutting down. A co-worker has owned her Palm Pre since the first day. She likes her's and said it has only happened to her once before. She said to plug it in to the charger and it will "jump start" it. Luckily she had a car charger. We hooked it up and "PALM", there it was, back to life. It lasted several hours, until I made a phone call, using the key pad. I made a quick call, then a few minutes later checked the time. NO POWER AGAIN! I called the local Speint store where I bought the piece of..... they asked no questioned, offered no advice on how to reboot it, but were very eager to replace the phone for me. I thought I could simply pop out the battery and it would restart...WRONG! Other things I hate about this phone: No light to tell me that I missed a call. I lost all of my old ringtones, having to re-purchase entire songs for ringers, SLOW pre-set dialing, I even had to Google on how to set long pause, short pause, WI-FI!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even get my Wi-Fi to work on my hotel's Wi-Fi, I have purchased songs which I have been billed for, but can't download them......My next step, replacing this Palm Pre with another. I will give it another try for 2 weeks. If it doesn't work, I'm done. By-The-Way: before purchasing this phone I asked a Sprint rep on the phone and a Sprint salesperson a question. What seems to be the biggest compalint with this phone??? The rep said that people have complained that it is "TOO FLASHY" and the salesperson said "IT'S SO HOT THAT YOU BETTER KEEP YOUR HANDS ON IT OR SOMEONE WILL TAKE IT". Really?!?!?!?! The ONLY thing aI love about this phone...PANDORA!
  11. raybay

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    I keep thinking that Palm is going to drown from its own weight pulling it to the bottom. Once an owner of every Palm that came along, I now think of it in the same category as Everex, Tiny, Packard Bell, eMachines, and others that cannot quite drifet off into oblivion. Palm is among the most poorly managed of companies still in business. They have a great opportunity with this Pre. I bet they muff it.
  12. captaincranky

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    Sent to Dwell in the Techo-Ghetto With Emachines...Such is the Cruel Hand of Fate...

    So, shall I take this to mean you're just um, "luke warm" about this new phone?
  13. raybay

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    An astute observation, Captain, but i still love my Palm III and my Palm T2 despite the lack of support. No support is better than some support with Palm.
  14. mine shuts down every once and while when i close it.
  15. Mines keeps shutting down when I close the keyboard
  16. Honestlyy

    Honestlyy TS Rookie

    Ok so my pre has been nothing but trouble! It's been freezing, dropping calls people can't hear me when I'm talking always doesn't have service won't send or recieve texts or picture mail and recently my screen stopped working so I'm stuck with no phone for 2 days!
  17. have had the pre for about 2 weeks. shuts down at random and sometimes when opening or closing the keyboard. i talked to sprint about it, since i'm within my 30 days i can exchange it at the store, but they will charge me a $35.00 restocking fee. since there are so many people having the same issue, the new one more than likely will have the same issue. guess i'll save my $35.00 and just deal with the shut downs. kind of a pain! people tell me they have been trying to call me and i notice my phone is off. uggggg!
  18. Honestlyy

    Honestlyy TS Rookie

    They tried charging me for my replacement phone also! I told them it's rediculous that I have to pay any money to replace a brand new phone phone that I just paid nearly $400 dollars for (after taxes and stuff). I cursed like a pirate at them because I've never had phone this crappy before, yet I've never had a phone this exspensive either! I never dropped the phone or got it wet or anything that would damage it so they sent a replacement free you just gotta let them know who's in charge here haha
  19. the palm pre SUCKS!!!! no video recorder, no way to hear text/email alerts execept for that low beep tone. My pre keeps getting really hot and turning itself off, palm did a really bad job with these phones and sprint selling them for way more than they are worth. In my opininon buy a blackberry they are way better phones for the money. Palm needs to reall these pres and fix them before they distribute them. THIS SUCKS!!
  20. Punkid

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    mine is fine too no problems at all
  21. I've had repeated issues with mine shutting down. Battery life is ok. Sprint has rebooted, we downloaded an update and it still happens. I use this phone as my work phone and I can't keep dealing with the auto shutdowns. It not only happens when opening and shutting hte key board anymore- it now shuts off if you tap the back of the phone. Looks like I move to a different phone- too bad as I think Pal Pre could have been a good thing.

    SUSHRUKH TS Rookie Posts: 36

    well keep us updated.I was thinking of getting one but figured (like the first iPhones) the first ones out would have some kinks (the price you pay for bleeding edge technology!)
  23. The battery is slightly lose on the Pre. If you take a small piece of paper and wedge it in at the top of the battery, you'll stop having the problem.
  24. raybay

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    That shim did not work in my Pre. Palm refunded my money.
  25. Palm pre does not work for me in my family we have a least four palm phones and and we only have one charger that is still working. Last night my son charging his phone and slept with it in the bed with him rolled over on the the phone and it burned him on the back while sleep. I thought it was me sometimes I put my phone in my chest while talking on the earpiece and have to remove it cause it feels live someone is putting a magnify glass over your skin in the sun.
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