Palm Pre in stores, plagued with display issues?

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Jun 7, 2009
  1. According to users on the PreCentral and EverythingPre forums, the Palm Pre may still have some hardware kinks to work out, with a number of users reporting some form of screen distortion. Having just launched, as you can imagine, those on Palm\'s design and distribution teams might soon be in the hot seat.

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  2. Mine is fine, day/night hot/cold. I think I do have one dead pixel which isn't an issue for me, but Sprint said that they would replace it.
  3. Mine is also OK... Hot/ cold brightness at 100% and at its dimmest.
  4. Burty117

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    How do you guys like the Pre then? do you rate it 10/10?
  5. mine has a splotchy yellowish area as well at the bottom of the screen, hopefully they replace it when i go to the store
  6. Has anyone's Palm Pre shut down on them when they close the key board? Mine keeps doing that. Also, the battery life is terrible. I like the phone, but it's now 12:50 and my battery is dead from a full charge last night. Haven't seen any pixel distortion yet, but my Pre gets really hot.
  7. Matthew

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    A friend of Laptop Mag has reported that their Pre has the distortion, gets very hot and shuts down:
  8. I have not seen this issue. I guess i am a lucky one. The phone is really good. the only issue i seen is with Exchange certificates.. its a paine to get them in. but uhh..The phone is great and i am a happy customer.
  9. i had the same issue when I bought mine, took it back to the store and the guy told me to go to the update icon and update the software that there were some battery updates. I did it and battery life seems great now, but I've only been using it for a day since i updated it last night.
  10. LookinAround

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    well keep us updated :)

    I was thinking of getting one but figured (like the first iPhones) the first ones out would have some kinks (the price you pay for bleeding edge technology!)

    btw.. how long you have to stand in line at your store to get one?? (or did you have to wait?)
  11. Badfinger

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    Rule of thumb to live by:
    Never buy new product at launch.
  12. Rick

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    Where is the fun in that? :)
  13. "Has anyone's Palm Pre shut down on them when they close the key board? Mine keeps doing that. Also, the battery life is terrible."

    My battery life was horrible the first day (about 4 hours), then I changed my settings. Turned off most of the gps functions so that they ask before they are used. I also changed my email functions so that it only checks my email accts once a day. Now my battery lasts all day.
  14. I am so glad that there is someone out there knows not to purchase a new phone. People do not understand that a new devcie is always going to have kinks no matter who makes the devcie or sales it
  15. Of all 5 pre I saw, one of them has a dead pixel. All of them have 1 or 2 dust like tiny light (smaller than a regular pixel) when displaying a black image in low light condition. Any one notice this?
  16. luckily mine doesnt have any visible distortion (tho you can see more of the distortion if you use polarized sunglasses)

    and YES i do see little subpixel like there's glitter underneath that is smaller than a pixel on the screen.
    and yes i only see them when the screen is black but the backlight is on.
  17. My first Palm kept shuuting down when I would close the keyboard. The store gave me a new one and it worked great for about a day and now my new one is starting to have the same issue. it only happens when i close the keyboard slightly hard. Turn off your GPS, Bluetooth, and Wireless when you are not using them and it will help out your battery.
  18. I had the same issue of full charge and leave in the am for about 3 hours of battery. When I charged it in my car my phone got really really hot. Took it back to the store today and they replaced my battery. Seems better so far.
  19. raybay

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    My Palm Pre has already gone back... nothing but issue after issue after issue... Palm hasn't been able to provide good tech support for 10 years... I should have known... I only blame myself, because there is nobody smart enough to blame at Palm.
  20. I've gone through three now, the shutting down can be fixed by folding a small piece of paper and sticking on the up side of that battery to hold it tighter to the contacts. Now if someone could tell me why mine rebooted 19 times, frooze 11 times, has an hour of talk time when being used with a blue tooth. Needless to say I have returned all three, will wait to see if they fix all of this.
  21. Yes, I just got my pre this past Saturday and it shut down three times. At first, the keyboard ceased to work at all at which point I tried to reset using the power button but with no success. I had to remove the battery for it to reset. The next time it shut down and when it restarted, all of my data were lost e.g. g-mail contacts, phone numbers, even the new short cut icons I created. Not sure what is causing this? I will probably return my pre and get another copy, test it out in the store first if there is same issue with closing keyboard which my current keyboard does. If same, I will have to buy blackberry or get an Iphone.
  22. raybay

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    They look great! Their potential is huge... but after owning 11 Palm products over the past 20 years, I have no expectations that they can pull this off... Organizationally and tech repair structure wise, Palm is a disaster of a company... Take a close look at how easy it is to get repairs after the first 90 days... look at what they do to you after a year of trouble... flat repair rates of $150 on up...
    Palm is not like any other company... they must have performed research in how to provide the worst support and repair in the universe.
  23. I've had my Palm Pre for four days now. With a newly released phone I expect a few issues and bugs and usually wait for a patch to be released. However, the Non stop shutting down on its own is insane!!!!! No one particular action (i.e. closing it hard) seems to turn it off... it happens randomly all day long. Its about 2pm right now and my Palm has shut off about 6 times today. And it takes a VERY long time to reboot and turn on. The Palm Pre has GREAT potential... seems like a good mix of iPhone and Blackberry, but it has a long way to go. The powering off is the most serious. It also gets VERY VERY hot!!! And I have replaced the battery which did not fix it. HOwever, there are several other bugs that are an issue... the touch screen is not as responsive as it should be... I have to tap things several times. The iPhone was very accurate and never had any issues with tapping or response. Of course the APPs can't compete with iPhone... but they are so seriously lacking that I am shocked. The phone has froze up a handful of times. Battery time is low, but I shut off the wifi and it seems to help. However, I shouldn't have to do that..... my Iphone lasted all day and then some with constant daily use and everything running all day. The design was also poor, and sliding it open is awkward as the lower portion of the top slide is so thin it is difficult to grip it. (If that make sense!) Not enough options to customize the silly things like colors, ringers, etc. And unless I'm missing it, I can't organize my bookmarks and the launcher page to have the most frequently used apps on the top of the page. Also, the contact list is not easy.. I have several hundred contacts. I can scroll to a letter in my iPhone contacts in a second, this phone is not as easy. Again, I really like the phones potential, and maybe I would be won over in another year or so after these MAJOR issues are fixed, but right now I may take the penalty of breaking my contract and going back to iPhone. How can you release a phone that shuts off non stop for no reason!! WTF!
    Of course the store was no help. They told me to back it up then reset it and that would fix it. Bull. It didn't work and was just a pain to reset everything again.
  24. My pre has shut down ten times at least. Sometimes on its own and sometimes when I close the keyboard. Exchanging this weekend. Besides that, this phone is ridiculously good. Love it.
  25. This just started happening to me after almost 2 weeks with the phone. When I close the keyboard the phone will shut off, and then I have to wait for it to re-boot, which takes forever. Happened once 2 days ago, twice yesterday and twice today. I hear it has something to do with possibly a loose battery?? This phone is awesome but still has issues that need to be resolved. My screen has no issues.
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