Palm Pre in stores, plagued with display issues?

By Matthew ยท 53 replies
Jun 7, 2009
  1. I have had this issue....when making a call or receiving the call, as soon as it connects my screen goes dark. I am unable to get to come back on. I have to take the battery out, to have it come back on. Any suggestions??
  2. I saw a comment from soneone who said they find it difficult to use the contacts. Awkward to scroll straight to a certain letter in the contact list, too time consuming because they have so many names.

    Easy sollution, open keyboard type first letter of name plus a space to see all names beginning with that letter, or start to type the first few letters of a name without the space, to narrow it down further. So easy, really.

    Love the way I can merge facebook, gmail and other contacts together so If I have multiple entries for a person, maybe with slightly different names or nicknames, I can create one contact with all information together, and still search for that contact using any of the names of the merged contacts. I can merge my mum and dad into one contact with a third primary contact called parents. Very useful. Just wish when I backed up the system and reinstalled like today when I got my new pre it would retain linked contacts. I just had to go through and relink all my multiple contacts again. Fix this pleaase palm.

    Just a minor problem I have always had with the time / now fixed with new phone. Shame the new one gets soooo damn hot.
  3. And guys please, if your screen is going black it is likely the proximity sensor being interfered with by the screen protector. Don't use the one that comes with the phone. The ones sold by O2 in the UK are excellent, does not interfere with the phones sensor at all. There are other good ones available, trial and error I guess. If the problem goes when you remove the screen proitector, you know that was the problem.

    Remember the one on the phone when you first buy it is designed to be removed. Don't be cheap, buy an aftermarket protector, they are only a few bucks.
  4. OK, I'm having a lot of issues with my Pre, I used to have the Palm Treo and loved it but this one is driving me nuts. It freezes often to the point I have to do a restart and this week it was just black on the screen, it would do nothing. The battery was full and I had to remove the battery completely to restart it. It has also been telling me that I only have 10% battery then it goes back to full battery charge. I don't get it! I really want to return it and get the Treo or even the Pixi. Any idea if Sprint would take it back? It's been over 30 days that I purchased it.
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