Pandora launches desktop app for macOS, Windows coming later

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The streaming service announced on Monday that it already has a Mac version of the player ready for download. A Windows app is “coming soon.”

In addition to lyric support and station recommendations, the app has a few features that the Flash player doesn’t have including keyboard controls, on-screen song notifications, and controls for Pandora’s new Modes feature.

Pandora Modes rolled out last March. This premium feature adds selectable modes to radio stations to customize the listening experience. Modes that can be applied to stations include Crowd Faves, Discovery, Deep Cuts, and Artist Only.

Pandora’s app is more or less identical to the web player. Currently playing and recommended stations appear to the left of the interface and ads are to the right. Album art and track info appear front and center with lyrics and other information below. Player controls reside at the very bottom with search, and My Collection functions up top.

Pandora was recently acquired by SiriusXM. The app is part of a bigger push to maintain the service’s 75 million listeners in what has become a highly competitive market. To this end, it has also started offering discounts to students and members of the military.

Mac users with macOS 10.10 or later can get the app from Pandora’s download page. The company did not have an estimated ETA for the Windows version, suggesting those interested keep an eye on the blog for more information.

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Why not just make a non-flash based browser page instead? Why would I need an app install just to stream 2-channel audio?