Pandora One to Pandora Plus... Not a Plus

By Brock Kane
Oct 22, 2016
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  1. I've had Pandora One for over 5 years. I've enjoyed the service very much. No commercials, no DJ's, just all the music and Genres I want for only $4 a month!

    Now, they've updated the service and name to Pandora Plus. They say, unlimited skips, millions of new songs added, replay songs as many times as you want. Sounds great right? Not all as it sounds....let me explain.

    When I seen this upgrade was coming I was excited, couldn't wait to update to the latest version. Now, I wish I didn't.

    They claim unlimited skips and millions of new songs. Think about that for a second. Now, of course you're going to skip or Thumb Down more songs, because their dumping more crappy songs in your favorite play lists. And, unlimited skips are not really unlimited skips...many songs you try to skip, you get the following message.... "Due to licensing restrictions, this song can't be skipped right now". This happens more than not. So the unlimited claim, is a down right lie!

    Same lines as your wireless carrier telling you of unlimited data. You know that's not really true either!

    So the unlimited skips is just not an upgrade to me. There are more bad songs to weed through, and not all songs can be skipped.

    On the Plus side of the new Pandora, you do get to repeat songs. So if your favorite song is on and you want to hear it again immediately you can easily. Also repeat it as many times as you want.

    Another cool feature, you can download your favorite "Station" and listen to it offline. That's cool for devices that are only online in a Home Network or WiFi hotspot, like tablets. Or in an area where there is no signal or WiFi available. We've all been in that situation, more than we want to be.

    So, if you're thinking of updating your Pandora Subscription, my advice to you, don't! It's just not an upgrade to me! Unless the latter of the new features catches your fancy. I've yet to use either of them.

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