PanImage ACADEV SGS V7.1.0 for WMT2.1.6_PD_N 2/22/11

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Feb 23, 2011
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  1. ACADEV PanImage Signature Release, Default Boot Logo is PanImage, After that it's all me in V7.1.0 uses my latest methodology, you'll get everything I had released in V7.0.5 on HC side except this will be Non-HC but it's ACADEV SGS with some new exciting stuff.

    This ROM support Fonts for Thai, Hebrew and Arabic also. For those members who always requested those fonts now you have it this version. Installation is all new, I've made it stream-line process so it will go faster than prior builds from me. The only delay is after you remove the MicroSDHC and turn the tablet back on.

    This delay is because of the settings, installation of applications and new launcher built-in which I've designed and made for this theme. Icons are based on the latest icons packs from Android are used for the main icons. This package is not like my prior packages this is the full version everything is working, nothing is disabled.

    For those of you who needs Calendar, Contacts, Camera, 3G, ADSL, Bluetooth, GSensor an etc.. Are active but yet not using a lot of memory. Also included are some applications rooted ones also. Full Google Experience is included: Market, Google Talk, Google Maps, Google Streets, Google Gmail. Google Browser (adware, malware, spyware, animalware blockers are updated and current) Also included is a new China Made (In English Cloud Base Browser) Really Fast, but it's not the default browser.

    Do run your CM3 benchmark prior to turning on WiFi and report your scores here in this thread.

    Now remember this ROM is for those who have PanImage (Gome EPad Type) with 256MB Green LED Power On Lite. It's not for APAD, MID EKEN or anything else! It's not for any other build except WMT2.1.6_PD_N only. If you try to use it with other builds it won't work or other tablets not mention here. AGAIN IF YOU DO IT'S ON YOU AND NOT ME IF YOU BRICK OR DAMAGE YOUR TABLET, BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T LISTEN.

    (What's New!)
    Upgraded Dock Box Launcher (Sharper & Quicker Now! and less memory used)
    Added 22 Brand New Wallpaper with Gallery based on ACA Signature Series plus more
    Added Camera and Camcorder
    Added CopyCat Game
    Added Docs to Go Full
    Added Dolphin Browser for JetVD Try and you'll see why!
    Added Amazon Kindle
    Removed ES Task Manager
    Replaced with Android Assistant (Better) Try and you'll see why!

    (Glitches Known)
    None Fixed

    High Performance: PS (Download Here)

    Home Screen (Sample of 1 of 22 different HRES Themes can be applied)

    Dock Box Launcher (Upgraded)

    Download and unzip the file to your PC
    Copy Script folder to your MicroSDHC Card root
    Make sure power is going through the device doing the Image Update
    Do Not remove power or try to turn off your tablet during the Image Update
    Wait for being prompted to remove the MicroSDHC card
    Rename the script folder to new_script or remove it
    Wait for your tablet to turn off
    Now turn it back on
    Home/Back Button


    1. Open DOCK Launcher

    2. Select Android Assistant
    Select Quick Boost
    Select Menu
    Select Settings
    Select Auto Boost
    Select Auto Boost Freq to 10 minutes
    Select Okay
    Select Process
    Select Calander and Power xxx
    Select Kill Selected
    Select Tools
    Select Save Battery Settings
    Unselect GPS
    Unselect Enable GPS again on Android System Settings will appear
    Back out
    Change Brightness to 50%
    Change OutTime to 10 minutes
    Back Out

    3. Select Volume Control
    First Two set to 0%
    Media Volume 88% or Higher
    Second Two set to 0%
    System Volume 91% or Higher
    Select Okay

    4. Startup Manager
    Select System
    Select items to Kill = Calendar, Calendar Storage, (Gmai optional), Google Talk Service, Maps
    Back Out

    5. PowerControl Task Bar (on bottom)
    Select Wireless (turns from gray (off) to blue (on)
    Back out

    6. Select CacheMate
    Select Close
    Select Clear
    Select Allow

    7. Select WiFi Buddy
    Select Preferences
    Select Wi-Fi Sleep Policy
    Select Never
    Back out

    8. Select Settings
    Select Locale & Text
    Select your Locale
    Back out

    9. Select Wireless
    Select turn on Wireless
    Make your changes
    Back out

    0. Select your Dock Box
    Select Market and setup that up now
    After you finish with Market

    On your home screen you'll see 3 icons (Contacts, Browser, Maps) If you press anyway on the screen you can open Widgets.

    If you have questions? Feel free to post them here. This ROM tested by those who have help check it out for me!

  2. Terrancep2

    Terrancep2 TS Rookie

    I have a problem...I updated the rom on my Panimage R79RT2W5 Media Tablet but it won't start past the boot logo. Also I changed the screen on the tablet since it was broken.
  3. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Topic Starter Posts: 2,475   +126

    Just re-image with WMT2.1.6_PND image.. If you need that one let me know otherwise...
  4. Terrancep2

    Terrancep2 TS Rookie

    I tried using the original firmware but I can't find the link anywhere since the site for the tablet has been shut down. And whenever I install this firmware it always wants me to use my flash drive. This morning I had to delete 4 partitions saved on my flash drive.
  5. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Topic Starter Posts: 2,475   +126

    I have the image that tablet. I also have HC3 Rom Root / Rom Upgrade made by me but again free days are gone. But you best watch how many wrong Rom Roots install because the wrong one can give you issues with the wrong drivers. Below is the last one made for your tablet that works. I never bother to make ICS version this is called Bulldog HC3.

  6. Terrancep2

    Terrancep2 TS Rookie

    I see what you mean...
  7. Terrancep2

    Terrancep2 TS Rookie

    Hey can you send me the original firmware for the Panimage Tablet.

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