Parked Cores? (i7-930)

By Tallguy
Apr 6, 2010
  1. Hi All -

    Recently updated my PC thanks to the help of some kind people here in the forum.
    PC is running great, but when I view my resource monitors, it shows 2 cores that are "parked." I understand what that means, but why? and how to change it?

    Granted, I am not having an issue with the PC... Runs great. Just curious.

    Here is my PC:

    Gigabyte's X58A-UD3R
    GTX 260
    12GB of OCZ 1600
    Win7 64-bit OEM <- Had to call M$ after updating my MOBO, CPU, and RAM, but it was VERY easy.

    As a side note:
    I know I have to update the videocard, but at the moment Crysis runs quite nicely.
    The temps on my CPU are quite low (Kandalf LCS case)

    Thanks again to everyone that helped me in the forums!
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