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By nickc
Apr 23, 2013
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  1. 1: What is the best Partition Soft Ware? I have 2 3terabyte hard drives and am looking for a soft ware that will partition it in one large partition. Everything on the internet that is free that I have found when done I have 2 terabyte with the rest left at the end unpartitioned.
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    Strongly recommend you reconsider. IMO, multiple partitions are preferred over large single ones.

    1. smaller partitions are easier to backup
    2. take less time to backup or recover
    3. reduces the loss of data while recovering the bad partition
    MOST hd failures are errors in the filesystem, not the hardware and thus other partitions on the same physical HD are just fine.

    In the case that the HD itself has a failure, yes all partitions need recovering, but YOU get to choose which ones to recover first using the importance of the data thereon.
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