Partitioning software ruined my Windows 7!

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Mar 23, 2012
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  1. I bought this Acer laptop about three months ago, and it had only 1 C: partition. The OS is Windows 7 Ultimate and it has worked smoothly and fine until yesterday.

    Yesterday I wanted to install Linux Ubuntu and so I had to create a new partition. To do that I downloaded this EaseUS Partition Manager for home users and everything went fine until the software restarted the system to apply the orders I had given. It was blocked right in the beginning and it stayd like that for about an hour. I realised that something wasn't right and restarted the laptop. Then I got this error message saying that I have to insert the Windows 7 original installation CD and to repair the system. I did not do that, but instead a I download a System Recovery CD for 64 bit systems via torrent and burned it to a CD, put it in the laptop and thankfully that fixed everything.

    But I still hadn't created the partition I needed. Today I downloaded another software from the internet that looked strangely similar with the one I used last night, but had a different name. And this time, the partition C: was resized, but it couldn't create the other partition, yet again. And the destructive effect it had on my system is that all the drivers are uninstalled or corrupt and almost every other software is not working ( even Windows Explorer is freezing all the time when I try to open something ).

    I am downloading a Windows 7 Ultimate via torrent because I wanna try and do a repair, but is there anything else you guys would advise me to do ? Something that can be easier than a full system repair ? And someone please tell me a reliable partitioning software because I really need to install that Ubuntu.

    Thanks to everyone who will take the time and answer.
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    why not use the snap-in disk management to create new partition

    As I know the Windows 7 disk management offers the new function "Shrink Volume" with help of this function you could shrink one partition to realease some unallocated space then create new partition.

    If your hard disk is formated as MBR, it could only contain 4 primary partitions maximum or 3 primary partitions with one extended partition (under extended partition you could create lot of logical partitions)

    Hope this could help you.

    More partition skills on Windows 7 from

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