PayPal announces phone-to-phone NFC app for Android


TS Rookie
At MobileBeat 2011 this week, PayPal announced its own peer-to-peer Near Field Communication (NFC) solution. The company demonstrated an NFC-enabled Android widget that lets people pay and get paid in…

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TechSpot Chancellor
I do hope the iPhone 5(4S) has this tech, would be handy for when the London Underground integrate this tech in as well, will make trips into London a breeze! and for anyone reading this who know what i'm on about, no i don't have an oyster card! :)


TS Rookie
For NFC to really take off, I guess the phones which integrate this type of technology need to come down in price. Pretty much every phone touting NFC functionality has either been a flagship model or at the very least a high-end model.