PC crash during gaming - Ixtreme X9610

  1. Hello, after a few years of having this computer playing some games have resulted in sudden crashes mid game play. The crashes seem to be random, but usually within 15 minutes of opening the game itself. The crashes seem to be mainly on games like Fable 3 and Rusty Hearts
    The crashes have my computer monitor go blank and tell me no input is being received, and the sound seems to stop. USB's such as my keyboard still receive power as LED lights are still on during the crash. But taking them out and putting them back in again, Stops the LED's from coming on. I haven't upgraded the computer in any way, and have seen that another user had posted a problem which seems to be the same ( https://www.techspot.com/community/topics/pc-crashes-while-playing-games-ixtreme-x9610.153478/ )
    I had followed the steps on this thread, Which seem to have had an effect on the crashes, When the computer crashed shortly after, the Monitor still received no input, but the sound was still playing and the USB's were still being powered when plugging them back in.

    My system Specs are:
    GPU- Nvidia GeForce 9600 GS
    CPU Intel Quad core 2 Q8200
    PSU- FSP250-60HEN
    4096 MB Ram

    Thanks for any help

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