PC doesn't turn on

By lanceberry
Oct 8, 2010
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  1. Basically my pc doesn't turn on i was watching a video then put the pc to sleep came back after 15 mins and tried to turn on the pc it doesn't turn on i changed the fuse , used another power supply cable to no avail...

    specs 2.66.ghz , 4GB ram , windows 7 , asus mother board , quad processor

    This may help that i built my new pc on new years eve and used my old power supply as the one i had bought didn't have enough watts mind i the power supply is 10 years old any help
  2. Cinders

    Cinders TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 872   +12

    Are you sure the wall outlet still has power? Did you try to plug a lamp into the outlet to check for power? If your PSU isn't plugged directly into a wall outlet then please make that happens.

    Often a computer can break and still remain functional until power is removed. Once the power is gone the broken circuit can/will no longer function. The power button on your computer case could be broken or simply have a lose wire. All the power button does is briefly short the connection. When you push the power button the motherboard will sense the short and turn on. You can check the power button's connection by briefly shorting the two wires that connect the power button to the motherboard at the header.
  3. chronokiller

    chronokiller TS Rookie

    same problem here sir..my computer does't turn on too..

    its about 3days from now..my computer is dead..and i don't know why..

    P5VD2-VM SE motherboard
    intel celeron processor
    1gb apacer ram
    256mb gforce vcard
    80gb sata hdd

    actually..this happens twice now...1st i overhaul it..i remove dust from inside..then after i install again the hardwares its dead...does't turn on..after few repairs..i check the power supply..i jumpered the PSU..the green and black wire..the PSU turns on..and re attach the RAM and Vcard..then it turns on..but after this few days..its dead again..i dont know what to do..i repeat what i do before..but nothings happen..the LED in the motherboard turns on..i mean the Green LED attach in the motherboard..it turns on when i turn on my UPS..but when i'm switching on the power button it doesn't turn on..please..help me..

    thank you so much...
  4. lanceberry

    lanceberry TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hey guys i need a power supply can anyone recommend any..?

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