PC game wont work, help

By ak47gman01
Feb 4, 2010
  1. Hello. I Bought Call Of Duty World At War for windows xp. I Checked and i meet the system requirements. I Have alot of games that i install and play. But i install cod waw and it installs fine. After it installs i go click on multiplayer or single player and they both pop up black screen! I Talked to activision, and they said its REGION LOCKED!
    And they wouldnt help me with it at all! I Have a US pc and this game is an AUSTRALLIAN RATING GAME! Please if anyone knows how to fix it would be very much appreciated! I Got the game for 45 dollars and its just sittin there and i cant play it.

    To contact me:
  2. dusty122

    dusty122 TS Rookie

    well what the game is doing is seeing ur i.p address
    u need to download hotspot shield and that should help
    hope it helps
  3. Relic

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    Well, it's been a week since you posted but just wanted to say I am unaware of a ban on CoD:WaW in Australia. While banning games happens especially in Australia, I couldn't find WaW on the list. Even then single player should work at least, unless it needs an online activation I'd assume. In any case did you purchase this game in Australia? And are you using this game in Australia? If your PC meets the requirements and is updated it really doesn't matter where it's manufactured. More information would be helpful as what you gave is confusing. :confused:
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