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PC hangs on boot but starts with enough reboots

By Misch868
Jun 15, 2009
  1. My PC was working fantastically until I added more RAM. I have an XFX 680i LT SLI mobo and it had 2 GB of Corsair XMS2 Dominator 240 pin DDR2 800MHz. Worked absolutely perfectly until I got 2 more gigs of Corsair (same exact thing just not the dominator series). Once that happened the computer started hanging on the splash screen. I figured it was RAM voltages and it was so I went into BIOS which had them set at 1.85 volts and I set them to 2.1 volts. Problem persisted. Computer runs absolutely fine when I get into the OS (Win7) but now it hangs on a black screen. Keyboard and mouse don't get power. Fans and lights come on. The only way to get anywhere is to let it just run like that for fifteen minutes or so and then kill power and then turn it back on and boot. When I finally do get anything BIOS tells my my voltages are wrong, I go back in and have to reset RAM back to 2.1 volts AGAIN. I tried resetting CMOS, flashing BIOS, checked PSU pins to mobo, now I'm not sure what the problem is anymore. Took my RAM out and tried just a single stick at a time but that doesn't help it boot any faster, but like I said once I finally do successfully boot into OS everything runs perfect. I can restart the computer just fine after it gets running, even shut down and power on as long as it doesn't stay off for a while. If it stays off long enough it just doesn't wanna come back to life.

    CPU is a Wolfdale e8400 3.0 GHz
    I have an eVGA 8800 GT and one 500 GB hard drive
    PSU is a 600 watt Ultra Xfinity

    Thank you
  2. FireDawg

    FireDawg TS Rookie

    Corsair XMS2 Dominator has 3-4-3-9 Timings listed and 2.4V
    while Corsair XMS2 has 5-5-5-18 timings and 19v listed.

    Might want to set the timings to the 5-5-5-18 and 19v. Since it sounds like your overclocking the regular XMS2 ram which cannot handle it. Or maybe sell it on ebay and get Dominator. Mixing 2 high end rams with dif timings is not a good thing.
  3. Misch868

    Misch868 TS Member Topic Starter

    I just double checked and both the Dominator and non-Dominator series are labelled 2.1v and 4-4-4-12 timings...

  4. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 5,746   +14

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