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Pc keeps restarting

By toddn149
May 30, 2010
  1. My pc staretd acting funning. At first I would be typing and only every few words would type and I would get a pc beep like the keys were stuck. I reset the keyboard and that seemed to work. I didn't think anything of it. Later on, I put in sleep mode and the pc would go into sleep mode, then after 5 sec, would shut down, and restart. It gets into this loop of doing start up checks and then once it tells me it was shut down propertly and to choose an option and I click to start windows normally, or last good config, it proceeds to load windows. As it is doing that, it shuts off and then will turn on 2 sec later and keeps doing this. I can get into safe mode without it restarting on me.

    Also, when pressing the power button nothing happens. After 3-5 sec it will power on itself, but pressing the power button wont turn it on that second, I have to wait 2-5 secs for it to turn on itself, the power button doesn't seem to work immidiately.

    I can get into the bios as well. this is just too frustrating. ANY help would be appreciated
  2. toddn149

    toddn149 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Update, I tried to go into safe mode with networking. When I did this it reset again. So I thought maybe something was wrong with the ethernet plug. I unpluged that and then restarted, it loaded windows fine. I noticed it shows my soundmax icon with a x through it, when moving the mouse over it, it pops up that no soundmax audio present. I do have sound though, so not sure what this is about.

    After loading it up and then going into standby mode, That works now and will come out of standby without restarting computer. Plugging in a new ethernet cord, but not connecting it to anything caused the pc to shutdown and then turn on to restart.windows loaded normally after this, with cable still plugged into the back, but not to actual modem it loaded fine. Plug in cable to modem and interent workls fine. Tried standby and it shut the pc down like a hard reset like it has been doing. now keeps going through same loop as before. So I am not sure where to go now.
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