PC manufacturers were aware of Surface tablet before its unveiling

By Shawn Knight · 11 replies
Jun 19, 2012
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  1. Microsoft held a "mystery" press event in Los Angeles yesterday where they revealed the Surface tablet running Windows 8. Most in the media anticipated a tablet announcement but now we know that some PC makers had more than just a…

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  2. MilwaukeeMike

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  3. ikesmasher

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    But, that means they were in fact aware of it before it came out, even if it was only a few days...?
  4. captainawesome

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    In other news: Princess Di was alive hours before she died!
  5. Opus

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  6. ikesmasher

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  7. Chazz

    Chazz TS Evangelist Posts: 679   +75

    I think people are trying to make a story out of this. LG was nowhere near commited in delivering a competitive tablet and they're very half *** even with their smartphones.
  8. Micrsoft: Hey, people like our phone interface. Let's just make the next OS/GUI be a one size fits all based off the phone GUI, everyone will love it.
    Desktop Users: Why did Microsoft get rid of the standard interface I found useful and replace it with a phone GUI? And what happend to the Start button?
    Microsoft: I think we better release a touch device so people can use our next OS, they love it.
    LG: No Thanks MS, we make more from phones.
  9. gwailo247

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    I have an LG phone, its not bad, has a really nice display. I don't think they'd make bad tablets.

    ASUS, on the other hand, has some issues with their displays. Not sure if they're the only ones, but the backlight bleed through sucks.
  10. Teko03

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    Well that was lame.
  11. I think I've solved how both headlines can be correct - what if there is more than one PC manufacturer? It could happen!
  12. he wanna put a nammer thru da screen innit

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