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Feb 27, 2011
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  1. Hey there,
    Had my PC for quite a while now and this issue hasnt been bothering me, but now that i'm thinking of selling it i'd like to fix the problem...

    Basically if I just press the power button on my computer then all the fans start up (including graphics card fan) but nothing appears on the screen... However, if i press the Reset button on the front of my PC about 3 seconds after pressing the power button, then the fans all get quieter and the PC boots as it should...

    As I said, this has never been a problem for me as it only takes a few seconds, but it is quite annoying... What could be the cause of this? The only thing i can think is that the power buttons arent connected to the motherboard correctly...

  2. mailpup

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    Is this a self-built or custom built PC or one made by a major manufacturer such as Dell, eMachines, Gateway, HP, etc.? If it's a self or custom built, do you have a Gigabyte motherboard?
  3. domlin

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    It's a partial self-build, motherboard, ram and processor came assembled in the case but I changed the PSU, hard drive, graphics card.. The motherboard is an ASRock 4core1333-GLAN..
  4. mailpup

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    You could check to make sure the power button connector is secure on the motherboard headers. I doubt that's the problem but it costs nothing to check. There are two power button header pins on the motherboard and it doesn't really make any difference which way you connect the front panel. The same thing for the reset switch, by the way.

    I once had a similar problem with a Gigabyte motherboard, although it only occurred about 1/3 of the time. For testing purposes I swapped out just about every part. I finally replaced the motherboard while keeping all the other original components and that solved it.
  5. domlin

    domlin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Okay, thank you very much for that :)

    I will have a go with the header pins and see if that does anything :)
  6. mailpup

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    You can test the pins by merely shorting them momentarily with a metal screwdriver and that should start the PC. That's why the orientation of the connector on the pins doesn't matter.

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