PC shuts itself down. Video card or mobo maybe?

By TorturedChaos
Jan 31, 2009
  1. As the title says, my computer is powering off by its self. At first i thought i might be an overheating issue. But after monitoring the temp, and watching the symptoms closer, I'm now thinking that my not be the case. HERE is my original post when I thought it might be a heat issue.

    Now I'm leaning towards video card or Mobo. What seems to be happening, is when launching WoW (possibly other games, haven't tested) it will crash while loading to the sign in screen or while loading the game after picking a toon to play. Also while play WoW the computer has locked up and diagonal bands about 1 1/2" tall of color appear across the screen. After such crashes, you have to unplug the power supply from the Mobo to get it to boot again. Also, occasional image on the monitor will get a blue or green tint to it. Was thinking this was caused by the monitor since it a used one i picked up at a garage sell, but now am wondering if its related to the powering off issue.

    To summarize my first post, I have changed out the power supply to a 350 watt antec, ran Memtest86, and came back with no errors. The computer is Emachine T6532 that I rebuilt after it went thru a house fire, and has ran fine for about a year. It is running XP Pro SP2.

    So, if its the video card, I would like just to replace that. the Mobo does have a pci express slot on it. But im not sure if its the Mobo, or the video card (which is integrated onto the MoBo) and I don't have another video card to stick in there to test it. So this is wear all you guys & galls with more experience then me come it. Can i test if its the video card or the mobo, or am i better off building a new computer.

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    Well if you have a pci e slot sounds like you MIGHT be fine with an upgrade. But it sounds like something is damages, and if you were using onboard graphics, then it relates to the mobo. Sounds touchy to me. Those are my thoughts, im gonna wait for more post and check back later.
  3. TorturedChaos

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    Well i decide just to order an inexpensive video card to see if it fixes the issue. I found this one:

    EVGA GeForce 7200GS 256MB 64-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x16
    for $25.00 + $5.99 shipping, so its only $31.00. Its an upgrade for my current on board card., and if it doesn't fix the issue at least I have a video card to run in that machine when I re-build it, and can replace later.
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