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pc upgrade problem

By noexpert ยท 6 replies
Aug 2, 2007
  1. Hi
    i need help please, i decided to upgrade my old PC by buying a new
    PSU seasonic 430w
    motherboard p5n-e sli
    core2 duo e6750
    1gb ddr2 667 crucial memory 1 stick

    i'm using two old ide hard disks and everything else like monitor cd/dvd drives from my old PC. I also have winxp sp1 installed

    when i start the computer everything loads fine and then i get options to start windows normally, in safe mode, last known good configuration and few other similar options. i have chosen these three options but everytime just as Windows XP is about to load i get blue screen and the computer restarts. I can't say what the blue screen says as it goes too fast and i can't read it or pause it.

    I have tried reconnecting everything on the motherboard but still doesn't work. Everything in the bios seems to be fine.

    So what could the problem be?
    Does anyone know how i can pause the blue screen before it goes so i can read what the problem could be?
    Could it be something to do with the ide hard disk? the hard disk works fine on my old PC

  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    You will ned to format and reinstall Windows on the old hard drive to get Windows to load properly
  3. k.jacko

    k.jacko TS Rookie Posts: 493

    Woah! easy tiger!

    Couple of things you could try first i'm sure.

    How about the recovery console:?

    Even if one of these does work, you may want to reinstall windows (not necessarily reformat) due to the ix of old and new drivers you'll have on there.

    Personally i'd agree with Tmagic650, i'd want to reformat a hdd for a new pc, but you've probably got data which needs backing up, so try other methods first, before you nuke it!
  4. Stick'o ram

    Stick'o ram TS Rookie Posts: 178

    It's a cold classic case of Windows hates anything new.

    This happens mostly when you switch procs but not always, it could happen any time you make a hardware change.
  5. nickslick74

    nickslick74 TS Rookie Posts: 575

    Be wary of that Seasonic , they are a poor quality psu. Since you spent big bucks on some good quality parts you might want to think about returning that psu and getting a better quality one like FSP.
  6. noexpert

    noexpert TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i may have to buy a new sata hard drive and install windows on that, as i got lot of stuff on my hard disk and don't want to lose the data.

    i thought seasonic produced good psu's, i got a lot of recommendations from people, although this one probably is slighty underpowered because its only 430w, a graphics card like 8800gts i guess won't be able to handle that.

    and i'll try using the recovery console see if it works.

    so basically if recovery console fails, i have no option but to reinstall windows thus losing everything argh!

    thanks for getting back.
  7. Stick'o ram

    Stick'o ram TS Rookie Posts: 178

    Not always their is a fix to this;

    1. Take out the hard drive with windows on it, but keep the hard drive without windows on the computer

    2. Install Windows on the hard drive without windows

    3. Boot into windows normally and then shut down your computer

    4. Put your other hard drive back in your computer with the old windows on it and MAKE SURE you boot to the one with the new windows on it.

    5. Delete the WINDOWS folder and any other OS looking files on the hard drive with the failing windows.

    6. Take out the hard drive with the new windows and keep the now windows free hard drive in the computer.

    7. Install windows on the cleaned hard drive and select "keep original file system"

    8. Boot into windows on the now working hard drive and shut down your computer

    9. Put your hard drive that orgininaly had no windows back into your computer and MAKE SURE you boot into the newest windows (The original hard drive) and go and delete the boot.ini and the windows directory that you installed on the once non-windows hard drive.

    But I would diffentaly try Windows restore first though. I hope this makes since and it's not as complicated as it sounds.
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