PC will not turn on

By christmaslover
Sep 19, 2008
  1. I JUST joined and yes I have read the info about emachines, and realize alot of people think they are crap,

    I have an emachines d2880
    I shut it down and unplugged it due to the fact we were going out of town, and knew there was a possibility of storms so didnt want it to get zapped.
    Got home plugged it back in hit the on button NOTHING!!! (peeked in the slots on the side see the powersupply led is lit)

    Hubby was an electrician when he was able to work, we opened it up (It is about 5 years old and way out of the crappy warrenty that they provide!!) He checked the power supply with his ohm meter yep it is fine, to double check opened a crashed compac we have and put it in there yep it is working great!!

    put it back in emachines tower, okay did all the other steps that we have been told to do, uplug cd drive plug in pc, unplug hdd plug in pc etc etc etc etc, YET still cannot turn on pc,

    put hdd in the compac, it booted but kept restarting over and over and over, even got as far as verifing my copy of xp in the compac tower, then bam, restart and now compac same problem, BUT one difference, the powersupply turns on and the fans etc run/ but cannot turn the compac tower on or off with the button, okay so then was told by this tech to put everything back in the emachines, did that, nothing, but the little led light on the mobo that shows the powersupply is on,

    ONE other thing, when hubby plugged the little led lights and the on off button back to the mobo, possibly plugged them in wrong, is my mobo fried in the emachines??

    is there anyway possible to make this work again in the compac,

    oh and I do have an ancient gateway (bought new in 1999) that is so old it only has a 6 mb hdd, hardly any ram, but thought hmmmm gateway emachines compatible, could we use components out of the three to get my pc back up???

    the old gateway does have a pentium 3 chip but that is about all I remember about it.

    thank you all for any info you may be able to give me

    ps luckly hubby and daughter both have laptops so I am not completely without a pc lol
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