PC won't start even with the screwdriver-short

By t.n.j
Jun 1, 2012
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  1. Hello guys
    I have a pc with corei7 cpu and asus motherboard
    while moving into new place I happend that the case bumbed againsed hard surfaces 2 times. so when I tried to start my pc it did not work. actually it was no POST ,no display case, simply the desktop start and then shuts down after couple of seconds. when I opened the case I found that the heatsink was litle bit displaced and not attached properly , ant way I fixed it in place but still the same problem again no-post and no-display and eventually the whole thing shut down .
    again I opened up the case and started by removing memory sticks and video card one by one,here where I noticed that the start botton stoped working and I cannot start the desktop at all . I have noticed that the motherboard botton is on , I tried to check the power switch cable but it was in place any way I took it off and tried to start it using the screwdriver-short method , but nothing happened
    what does that mean is all dead !!!!

    thank you so much for reading this long description
  2. odriscoll27

    odriscoll27 TS Rookie Posts: 66

    The best way to check if everything is working is to bench test the entire kit.

    make sure you have a clear working area and ideally an antistatic surface.

    1. Remove all components such as RAM, Graphics Cards, Hard Drives, Optical Drives etc
    2. Now remove the motherboard from the casing and place on a flat clean surface.
    3. Remove PSU unit form case.
    4. Check to see if the motherboard has a VGA port on it. If it does then plug your monitor into the VGA port. If it doesnt you will need to plug in your graphics card to use the monitor.
    5. Insert a RAM module into the Primary RAM slot on the motherboard. This is normally the one CLOSEST to the CPU socket & heatsink. Also plug in the PSU unit. -
        • NOTE: some graphcis cards require a molex adapter from the PSU unit to work properly
    6. Turn on and using "the screw driver" method conect the two power pins on the mothorboard start panel. IF everything is working the PC should BOOT and you should get a POST screen and be able to get access to the BIOS.
    7. Hopefully if everything is ok you should now be able to rebuild your tower by pluggin in the hard drive and optical drive ect and seeing if you can BOOT to the OS.

    If you are still having problems AT STEP 6 you may wish to try replacing the memory modules or removing the CPU and heatsink and reinstalling them. It could be that some pins got damaged etc. Also try replacing any SATA (or IDE) cables just in case they got damaged.
    • NOTE: When removing the CPU, if you do, I recommen using an antistatic wrist band to protec the components.

    Hope this helps
  3. t.n.j

    t.n.j TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you so much for your replay
    actually today I found out that the pc is back to the formal state when it responded to the start bottom
    so now the situation is as follow:

    when I push the start bottom it starts up BUT no display at all. all fans including cpu fan work
    I hear the the initial normal single beep but again no display at all , then the whole thing shut down but without any POST signal other than the regular single beep that any pc make when starting up.
    sometimes after the system shuts down it start again by itself and again the same thing happen , but this does not happen very often
    as I said no display, no POST other than the regular single beep and then it shuts down

    could you please help actually I don't have access to spare pc with spare parts so I cannot perform the regular diagnostic procedure of replacing parts one by one

    thank you so much

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