PCI.SYS Windows XP Pro will not install

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Nov 3, 2004
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  1. Crouching

    Crouching TS Rookie

    I had experieced the same problem last night I'm running a
    P4 3.0GHz
    Intel 945PVS mobo
    2GB cosair DDR2
    ATI X700Pro PCI-X

    My only question, why can I load Windows 2000 on my PC with the same PCI-X graphics card but not with SP1?

    Now I did create a SP2 slipstream, well sort of, I got everything correct till the part where you have to intergrate it:

    Example: C:\XP-SP2\i386\Update\Update.exe -S:C:\XP

    So what I did was take the I386 and copied the contents to the older I386, If thats ok I do not know, but I work to some extent.

    I got further then I did before but then It asked me enter my XP Professional Disc 1 which I never recieved befire.

    So what If I install a regular old PCI graphics card, then it should in theroy work right? correct me if I am worng
  2. Major

    Major TS Rookie

    WP vs SBS 2003

    I have the same problems but on a win 2003 smal business server..

    windows bluescreen both in new setup and in reboot of working installation..
    same error as above.. ?

    enyone have a clue.. ?
  3. bocoun@verizon.

    bocoun@verizon. TS Rookie

    I am having similar instalation problem, however, when I try to slipstreamed SP2 with Windows XP Pro I get this message "This Service Pack cannot be integrated into a destination that has integrated Software Updates. Consult the Service Pack documentation for more details about supported integration scenarios."
    Any ideas on what to do?
  4. vpu3

    vpu3 TS Rookie

    does this xp sp2 solve the sata hd recogniton problem. bios does not sees the hard drive?
  5. Supay

    Supay TS Rookie

    Hey I've tried this and it works

    Hello, please sorry my English, but I only speak Spanish

    Well, I recently Buy one PC with the following:

    Pentium D 3.4 Ghz
    2Gb RAM
    ATI 2006 Series All in Wonder
    SATA Disk 250 Gb
    Mother Board Intel 945 PVS

    Well I've been tired to install Windows XP SP2 the first time but i have the blue screen , i tried everything, but nothing works, well i tried something else, Ive installed one more SATA Disk, and installed as a RAID Volumen, and A Mirror Disk, If you Understand me,

    After I did that, I run WinXP Sp2 installation and it works completly

    HEre what you need to do, install a new hard drive with the same capacity in the SATA port 0 and 1, the you configure a RAID VOlumen before install WinXP, after you create the RAID Volumen in the first step of WIN XP Installation press F6 for isntall a driver to RAID Disks, afeter continue with the normal steps, the advantege you get with that procedure, is everything you do in the first disk, inmediatly copies to the second disk, and if the first one failes for any reason just change the disks and that's it.

    I hope you understand everything if you need more help please write me a letter to maickff@hotmail.com, and i return it as as soon as posible.
  6. Supay

    Supay TS Rookie

    Sorry, I was wrong with the other one

    Well, I'm sorry about the other solution. That works partialy, but at the final in reboot of windows finished instalation the PC roboot one and another and another, and never stops.

    In the end I put in there a tools for memory test, and that report a error reading RAM, well i remove one of the two memories installed before, (one in channel A and another in channel B), and in a single memory slot the things go perfectly fine, the windows install very good, and runs much better, it seems windows not work appropriatley with both channels.

    Try that one, and if you get a solution getting windows work with both channels, let me know please, because I put both of memories in one channel and everthing work perfectly fine
  7. papai

    papai TS Rookie

    hiii , same problem here ..
    i have Intel D Processor 2.8Mhz with intel D945Gcl motherboard.
    but i havent attached any PCI Express card till now but facing the same problem when intalling Win XP pro.

    ***(stop 0x000007E(p1,p2,p3,p4)

    same thing as mentioned by others ..

    so XP with SP-2 is the solution again ???
    PS :( i hvent attact any pci Express but the board has the facility of PCI exprs.)
  8. Whisky On Rocks

    Whisky On Rocks TS Rookie

    pci.sys problem

    I have noticed that your advices were really helpfull to some people. I have a similar problem. I used to have an ASUS AGP board with Core 2 duo. I changed the motherboard to ABIT-IP95 that is a PCI. This is the message i get
    A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.

    If this is the first time you have seen this stop message screen restart your computer.

    If it appears again follow these steps:

    Check to be sure you have adequate disk space. (Yup got 10gigs)

    If a driver is identified in the stop message, disable the driver or check with manufacturer updates

    Try changing video adapters

    Check with your hardware vendor for any bios updates (have updated bios to latest version)

    Disable cahing or shadowing memory (have disabled the memory caching)

    If you need to use safe mode to remove or disable components restart your computer and press F8 to select advanced start up options then select safe mode
    Technical info

    ***stop 0x0000007E ( oxc 0000005, oxf9a380bf, oxf9e84208, oxf9e834208, 0xe9e83f08)

    *** PCI.SYS address f74ef0bf base at f74e800, date stamp 3b7d855c

    I have XP professional installed on it but nothing works. When I tried to use my bootable win xp home edition cd, it takes me to the windows setup but then it kicks me out and the same error, blue page appears again. Can you help me ? I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much
    By the way!! I am using my onboard VGA card since i still havent received my PCI express. Please help if you can!
  9. papai

    papai TS Rookie

    PCi.sys problem solution..

    hi ,

    dont use a normal XP cd ..
    u have to use windws XP with Service Pack 2 CD...

    search for it ..ull find in the market..
  10. Whisky On Rocks

    Whisky On Rocks TS Rookie

    Thank you

    Thank you. I did it and it worked out! Thanks again.
  11. emank1965

    emank1965 TS Rookie


    I have been dealing with this issue for almost a week, disabling anything will not work!!! I even loaded a ghost image from another machine and it worked but guess what now you have to take off the unnecessary programs off of it, Someone suggessted slipstream cd, Before doing anything make sure that you have Easy CD Creator version 5 and your current XP cd before going to this site, it works!!! http://www.winsupersite.com/showcase/windowsxp_sp2_slipstream.asp

    If anyone needs assistance on how to set this up let me know!!!
  12. wxguess1

    wxguess1 TS Rookie

    Not fixed yet

    2.66 CELERON D CPU

    I tired the slipstream method. No good.

    The only way I can get this to work is to install the OS on a formatted SATA HD in another computer, then transfer the HD over. Regular IDE PATA drive will not boot after the install, it has to be the SATA.

    IT works for awhile, long enough to install java, and firefox, and stuff like that. After an hour or it starts putting up windows shut down errors, and eventually starts rebooting. After several reboots, the OS is dead.

    When I put the HD back another computer the OS is coruppted and not bootable.

    Tried everthing, new memory, HD, CPU, even tried Vista. All has the same thing, blue screen with various diffent stop errors, depending on the configuration.

    I'm ready to give up, and send the ABIT board back, as it is the only common link for the stop errors. Everything else works fine without the IP95
  13. farfingud

    farfingud TS Rookie

    i tried what was posted by emank1965 above... using the slipstream instructions from: http://www.winsupersite.com/showcase...slipstream.asp.

    they worked great.

    the first time i attempted to load xp it did some strange things - like not being able to find files. i restrated the install process a second time and everything went perfectly.
  14. DocFKNx

    DocFKNx TS Rookie


    I'm a seasoned Windows IT pro but never ran into this problem before - solves a couple issues I have all the time with new installs. Thanks for this very insightful and informative solution!

  15. frostwolf

    frostwolf TS Rookie

    OMg same thing !@@

    See this is what happened....
    I had just gotten this new PC !!

    BTW my gfx card is PCI-express

    I notice SP2 !! which is sumthing i dont like cuz it doesnt let me install Direct x 9.0c !!!!!! and then i was using it for a week or so and then ( I THINK I GOT A VIRUS ) when i used to boot up the pc..it would load windows and @ the welcome screen it would jus restart ! so then my next thought is to formatt it !

    I put the windows XP pro cd in and booted it up ! it started loading files..and as soon as it said starting up windows xp setup the pci.sys BSOD came up !! I got soo frustrated !@$@! i still am ! luckily i got my old pc to search for help !!

    So..can any1 answer this !!

    1)Is it because of the pci-express, that windows xp pro setup is not loading?

    2)And does SP2 contain dx 9.0c ?? Cuz i really need that !!

    3)So should i installed the slipstream whatever SP2 ?? ( PS I REALLY NEED dx 9.0c) ???
  16. ericag_ph

    ericag_ph TS Rookie

    I have an MSI P965 NeoF-V2 board.
    I get the same error: pci.sys ... stop ... BSOD and Windows XP won't install

    The problem I believe is old XP in combination with those new P965 boards.
    I've seen similar problems on Asus.

    Here's two solutions that worked for me:

    Solution 1:

    - Disable SATA at the BIOS
    - Install Windows XP with SP2
    - Since SATA is disabled, install XP on an IDE drive

    Solution 2:

    - Install Vista
  17. Z_A_X

    Z_A_X TS Rookie

    i tried everything with the slipstream sp2 and all that but i get an error saying that it cant boot from the cd its like CDBOOT: Code 5 cannot boot from cd. the only thing that i can think of is because it was a DVD and not a cd ( outta cd;s right now) would that have an impact on that? can i burn it onto a cdR/w? because that would help me out a lot
  18. Bedrock

    Bedrock TS Rookie

    I got this same error message...

    I got this same message on a HP D4650Y. It started to happen after an unexpected power outage. When I restarted, It happened a few times and then worked. The next time I restarted, I got the message again and now it will not go away. The same thing happens when I boot from my Windows XP Pro install CD. I suspect some sort of hardware problem, but the error message doesn't give me much to go on... I am getting a pile of replacement parts tonite and will start swapping till I drop. I already tried removing all the "nonessential" cards, so now I am down to Mobo, CPU, RAM, Video Card.....

    Any suggestions welcomed...
  19. tjmtruth

    tjmtruth TS Rookie

    I found an answer that worked for me with MSI MoBo

    Hi folks, I've been reading this post because I had the same problem. I had a Windows XP CD with neither SP1 or SP2. What worked for me is as follows: 1. Loaded Failsafe settings in BIOS. 2. Disabled the ACPI function. 3. Disabled the "Resume by PCI Device" in the wake up event in power settings. After doing these things (and after seemingly endless hours of experimentation), THIS worked and I was able to install Windows XP without the service packs. Once Windows was loaded, I could then load the SP2 and then reset all the BIOS settings to whatever I wanted to. Hope this helps some of you avoid the hours of nail-biting I had to endure. Let me know how it goes. TJM
  20. Visigoth

    Visigoth TS Rookie


    Hi .
    You are missing the SATA driver. Windows, prior to SP2 does not contain the necessary SATA drivers, so you have to add it during the installation.
    You need to press F6 at the begining of installation to load the SATA Driver for your mobo.
    Follow the instructions and press "S".
    WinXP installation will tell you to load the diskette, prepaired in advance.
    The diskette has to contain the needed driver (the one for your mobo) prepaired with "Make Disk". Il will contain the file "txtsetup.oem".
    It this file is absent, the driver will not install.
    Find out with Google the "Driver so and so with make disk".
    You will reach the proper site, download the driver and do the make disk.
    If your PC is inoperative, you will need to do it on another PC.
  21. Bedrock

    Bedrock TS Rookie


    I hope this is not a duplicate. I seem to have fat fingered my last attempt at a reply...

    Your post cleared up many questions I had about this error. I now understand that the XP Pro install disk (Ver 0) could not format my new SATA drive because it did not have the proper driver. Then, since that was the only drive in the system, it would be unable to install so it gave up. with the blue screen...

    It als explains why the idea suggested in other posts about using a XP Pro install disk that has been "slipstreamed" to SP2 would work as well.

    I have no idea how to slipstream, but I did get my hands on an "official" XP Pro SP2 install disk. My plan is now to try that today sometime. Given this post, I am very hopeful.

    Thankjs again!
  22. mickzer

    mickzer TS Rookie Posts: 101

  23. Bedrock

    Bedrock TS Rookie

    That should do it!

    Thanks much!

  24. robertoprs

    robertoprs TS Rookie

    The slip CD works!!

    It works for me!!! =D

    I just got an account to write here. After several times of using the forums I can only say that you guys make a great work.

  25. kyuss

    kyuss TS Rookie

    100% Success

    Mainboard was MSI G31M (MS-7379), was getting the PCI.sys BSOD at install of XP Pro and the Slipstream Disc approach worked spectacularly.

    Thank you heaps

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