PCI.SYS Windows XP Pro will not install

By Tane · 103 replies
Nov 3, 2004
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  1. JLR

    JLR TS Rookie

    Had the same problem and this fixed it. Thanks
  2. jren

    jren TS Rookie

    Hi I am having the pci.sys BSOD problem on an EEEpc -Asus
    It was working fine then switched off whilst installing AVG now keep asking to reboot in safe mode etc
    but will not reboot at all.
    As there is no external media drive I am trying to reinstall 2 ways neither succesfull.
    1. Creating an XP bootable flash drive- I get the BSOD when starting windows
    2. Installing on another PC; I installed XP - no service packs (no problems)
    Put it back into the EEE - BSOD same problem.
    This is a SATA drive.
    I am no further forward and only have the original XP disc
    Wil the streamlined XP2 version work for me.
  3. bfiche

    bfiche TS Rookie

    I have the same problem in Windows XP + SP3... sometimes no errors... other times the same error...

    But in Windows Vista no problems...

    (sorry my english)
  4. Psybergenic

    Psybergenic TS Rookie

    Hi there. I would appreciate some help, regarding pci.sys error with a brand new 2009
    Dell XPS 430 system.
    I have read this forum and tried the slipstreaming technique, but it does not work.
    I was hoping for some update with current systems that coould help me.

    I have bought a dell Xps 430, which came with Windows Vista premium home.
    The machine is for use as a music production system.
    As expected most of my vst plugine and instruments does not run stable, or at all.
    Therefore I want to downgrade the machine to Windows XP professional Service pack 2.
    On my previous machine all was running fine, but the machine was old.
    Got the Quad core and 3 GB ddr3 ram, specifically for making music.
    I try and format the system, but as soon as Windows setup boots from the installation CD, and starts unpacking brand new machince blue screens with pci.sys errors.
    I found an apparent solution to make a slip streamed bootable XP service pack 2 disc, as my version of Windows iXP pro is witout service pack 2.
    Apparently making a slip streamed bootable XP SP 2 disc is the only solution for this problem according to everything i have read on the subject.

    After successfully making the disc and trying to format again, i still get blue screen error messages, saying my hard drive might have errors or a virus, and it says that I must perform chekdisk /F
    I have tried everything, but still get blue screen after blue screen when I want to format pc with Windows XP.
    This copy of XP works fine on all my other pc's
    and I have never had a problem with it, and the disc is also as brand new and not damaged, and I tested it again on my other machine and it works fine.

    So i'm left to believe that you can't format or downgrade an XPS 430 with vista back to XP.

    Please help as I'm out of ideas and the machine will be worthless to me if I can't use my music software with XP.
    I see that a lot of people have had success here, but posts date back and is not that current anymore.
    Thanks for all the hard work here, as i can see there are some reaaly clever hardworking people here.

    Hopefully someone can help me.

    Many many thanks.

    Many thx.
  5. LkGrgGrrl

    LkGrgGrrl TS Rookie

    Hey Everyone... I have had a few trial an errors. I too was rebuilding a system which had the Stop error for pci.sys. Unfortunately there was no option in the BIOS for me to disable this. I had no choice but to use a full version of XP+SP2 and thus had to create the slipstream disk.

    something to note when making your slipstream...

    1. Make sure you put a copy of the .img file into your XP folder. The directions don't tell you to do this, they assume that it is already there. When I burned my first disk, it did not work and I got the "unable to boot from disk: CODE 4" I realized that when I compared and contrasted, this file was missing from my list in the copy paste window in the burner software.
    2. You have to use the exact software type and versions of the CD Burnable software that they list in the how to steps, otherwise your disk will not create properly as a bootable and you will get an the error "unable to boot from disk: CODE 4" I had tried using Roxio 7. It apparently only works with Roxio 5 or 6. I ended up downloading Nero 6.

    With regard to downgrading VIsta to XP:
    Make sure your hard drive is not set to SATA in the BIOS. Vista tends to use SATA Hard Drive settings which XP can't use. Log into your BIOS and change from SATA to Compatibility Mode to bypass SATA and allow XP to use your Hard Drive.
  6. thetimo

    thetimo TS Rookie


    Looking for help with a further twist. I am installing XP Pro onto a Acer Aspire Revo with no cd rom and so am trying to do it from a usb. Got the instructions and tried the install to be met with the pci.sys error which thanks to this site I overcame ....... or so i thought. Ssing that i needed SP2 to deal with the pci issue I thought i'd go one better and slipstream SP3 onto my creation. Everything went swimmingly, no further pci issue and windows went all the way through the install, counted down the mins and then when it tried to reboot i got an error msg - not on the BSOD - regarding a hal.dll file being missing or corrupt. Any ideas? I went back to my original XP disc and ran a search on that but it didn't show up the missing file either. So i don't know where to see about hal.
    All help greatly appreciated.
  7. wineFlu

    wineFlu TS Rookie

    Hi there,

    I was having major problems as well. I originally had a quick power outage then my computer would cycle boot non-stop as another member had posted in this thread. I figured I would just reformat the drive upon a reinstallation of Windows XP. My SP1 disk gave me the pci.sys blue screen of death when I tired to install. Found this thread, slipstreamed SP2 onto a disk and tried to install, the pci.sys error went away, but I got another x07Exxxxxxxx error instead when the setup tried to boot up. I tried fiddling with all my hardware, etc and I was getting annoyed. I figured I might as well try SP3, downloaded it, slipstreamed and it, low and behold I'm in the middle of my XP install. If anyone is looking for the SP3 file from Microsoft you can find it by doing a quick search in google. I don't have enough rep on this forum to post a link.
    Good luck!
  8. scuzzo

    scuzzo TS Rookie Posts: 50

    I haven't read all the posts in this thread, but haven't you tried using an external CD/DVD drive? You can by a usb/sata adapter from newegg for about $20 and just pull the CD/DVD drive from your (or anyone's) computer.
  9. ADitya0075

    ADitya0075 TS Rookie

    pci.sys 0x0000007e error

    Hi All,

    I updated my BIOS DG31PR Intel Board last week. Also I fitted a SMPS fan in the cabinet from the CPU fan output. Also fitted an additional USB connector from the USB pins on the mother board.

    This week when I tried to format my c:\ drive using XP professional bootable disk it gave me the pci.sys 0x0000007e error. Base address and datestamp stuff.

    I cannot run the XP setup. Worst part is that I tried to load win98 and that my other disc partions are stating non Xp discs and all my data is gone.......

    Any help frpm anybody will be welcome...regarding this...
    Also please state if the data on my HDD partions can be recovered.

    Thanks in Advance
  10. Harvzwell

    Harvzwell TS Rookie

    will this work with XP sp3 ?? am having dificulty finding a new XP sp2 disc.
  11. mikahgiacchetti

    mikahgiacchetti TS Rookie

    heh corrupted os??

    OK i can tell you a few things.

    One. Those of you that go the "install the hdd in another computer, install windows, then put the hdd back in the original case...."

    That won't work because of HAL

    you broke it.

    once you change HW (i.e. the Motherboard) the OS does not now how to talk to the hardware, because each motherboard has it's own Hardware Abstraction Layer. Without the correct one, your operating system may become corrupted, or might not even boot.

    Two. slipstreaming or finding an xpsp2 or later disk seems to be the ONLY fix for this. as PCI.SYS on the original xp gold and xp sp1a disks are not compatible with the PCI-E routines and this causes the BSOD.

    Unless someone can figure out if a pci.sys from an SP2 disk can be packed on an XP Gold or SP1a install disk, the above is the ONLY fix.

    Now if someone can only test if that last one will work (maybe it will?)
  12. mikahgiacchetti

    mikahgiacchetti TS Rookie

    as loong as you haven't written any data to the HDD, you should be able to recover it from the disk.

    Now if you managed to re-partition and then Install windows (writing data to the disk, the partitioning does nothing to the actual data on the disk, it just clears the MFT and such) then you're going to have some trouble getting that data back.
  13. mikahgiacchetti

    mikahgiacchetti TS Rookie

    you're not going to find hal.dll on the install media because the install media contains packed files.

    Which instructions on installing xp from usb are you using? I would have went with tftpd32 and PXE install, but meh...

    you could also ghostcast.
    or just say screwit and throw win7 on it.
  14. stagnitto

    stagnitto TS Rookie

    I know this is 6 years late, but... Windows XP prior to SP2 doesn't recognize SATA drives. You must disable Native SATA in the BIOS and then you can install Windows XP.
  15. mark0520

    mark0520 TS Rookie

    pci.sys error

    I have followed all of the directions to create the XP SP2 CD. They work fine. I use the newly created CD and it gets me past the error but the original authentication ID no longer works... how do I get past this issue?
  16. motley

    motley TS Rookie

    Eee PC PCI.sys error

    In Bios disable Acha Drive and make your Main drive compatible then under disable main HD and make a slipstream usb installer of windows XP and then boot it will show your main HD . Reformat it and then install to that new main HD partition from Flash Stick and walla ya now have fixed the Eee PC witout the external Dvd drive.
  17. guilhermefortun

    guilhermefortun TS Rookie

    Standard hardware options

    Before reading this thread It took me hours trying to solve this same problem. The only thing that worked is: pressing F5 whiling system messages "veryfing system hardware". Then choose standard hardware options.

    The windows xp installation program boots normally and so everything else.
  18. jef1qr

    jef1qr TS Rookie

    I am trying to install XP SP1 on sr5350f puter.

    Won't load. Gives the error discussed here. Not sure how to follow the slip streaming process. What other OS can I use right out of the box ? Windows 7 ?
  19. alicia

    alicia TS Rookie

    hello am alicia and with me my brother isaac.

    our pci-e vga spoil so we bougt a new one.
    When we try to install windows 7 on our hp pav. T3000 it load a while stop and give a blue screen
    A problem has been detected and
    windows has been shut down to
    prevent damage to your computer.
    If this is the first time you’ ve seen this stop error screen, restart your
    computer. If this screen appears again,
    follow these steps:
    Check to be sure you have adequate
    disk space. If a driver is identified in
    the stop message, disable the driver or check with the manufacturer for driver
    updates. Try changing video adapters.
    Check with your hardware vendor for
    any BIOS updates. Disable BIOS
    memory options such as caching or
    shadowing. If you need to use safe mode to remove or disable
    components, restart your computer,
    press F8 to select advanced startup
    options, and then select safe mode.
    Technical information:
    *** STOP: 0x0000007E (0xc0000005, 0xF783e0BF, 0xF7c4e208,
    *** pci.sys - address f783e0bf base at
    f7837000, datestamp 3b7d855c
    And when we use windows xp sp2 it restart it self.
  20. alicia

    alicia TS Rookie

    is xp slip sp2 for sale.

    is the nomal xp sp2 the same as the xp slipstream sp2?
  21. Vernster

    Vernster TS Rookie


    Thanks a ton for this post. I streamlined SP2 into my Windows XP Pro and this worked like a charm. Kudos to all the help in this thread!
  22. lazyhorse

    lazyhorse TS Rookie

    slipstreaming xp sp2 in windows 2000

    quote from "RealBlackStuff" [
    Create a new CD with XP/SP2 slipstreamed into it:
    ] end quote.
    (i cant re-post the url from page one of this thread because i'm new here)

    this is the only thing that worked for me. thanks very much.

    IMPORTANT: anybody running windows 2000 will need to delete one file from the unpacked service pack before slipstreaming it into the windows install folder, otherwise the slipstreaming process will crash when executing the "i386/update/update.exe" program from the service pack (the program that does the actual slipstreaming). i found this out on the forum listed in the download of the auto-stream utility mentioned by user "mickzer", which i tried using because the other method was crashing. the auto-stream utility will not work for you on windows 2000 either. you have to do it manually, and delete the rogue file.

    the file to delete from the unpacked service pack 2 is "i386/update/setupapi.dll".

    hope this helps. i've been round the houses like everyone else with this.
  23. cssml

    cssml TS Rookie

    thx ....
    Windows XP SP2 work... !
    Windows XP SP3 fail with PCI.SYS...
  24. jules hacker

    jules hacker TS Rookie

    Hi; I had this problem days ago, I knew it wasnt the SP part of xp, as I had orig installed XP with SP1 (if that)....

    anyway I got a BSOD days ago, over and over. I was using 3x sata hard drives and sata dvd. anyway I knew the main HD was failing as im using a HP XW workstation. and in bootup up would tell me. (wasnt bothered as just XP, important data was other places safe). I popped in a spare IDE drive instead of the SATA. (had it around handy and being a 160gb, just the right size for what I needed)

    anyway tried installing from a copy of xp I found laying around (not the one I had orig installed and used for months)... so one by one I removed the wifi card, then the pci-e fast SATA card (and that HD), then the next HD.

    I tried a copy of XP Pro, its THEN when it started chucking at me the pci.sys BSOD.... (its what I googled, and brought me here lol............)

    so I tried a XP SP2 disk..same problem .

    now reading along the lines (im dyslexic lol) it got me thinking it must be a SATA problem (dont laugh but until the HP XW I had never had a PC with SATA, all my hardware and learning was over 15 years old school stuff.)

    anyway removed the SATA dvd drive, slapped in a set as slave IDE and voillaaaaaaaaa seems to be installing fine!!
  25. pcdummy808

    pcdummy808 TS Rookie

    Hi, have been looking for a solution to my problem, and came across this thread.
    Seeing as there has been some useful information supplied in helping others solve their unique problem I am hoping someone can assist me.
    My laptop was unused for a period of time, approx a month. When I tried to boot it up today, it gave me the error that my windows stopped responding and offered me to boot (a) safe mode (b) safe mode with command prompt (c) safe mode with networking (d) start windows normally
    I tried all above and each time it failed to boot up.
    Hence as last resort I took out my installation disc and tried to boot from disc, it then gave me error pci.sys corrupt, press any button to exit setup.
    All the information supplied in this thread so far relies on me being able to access the HDD which I can't.
    Can anyone offer any suggestions?
    I am not a techie so please keep it simple :)

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