Performance Decrease after BIOS update?

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Oct 24, 2002
  1. Anyone has a P4ITA2 motherboard? I had a serious problem here (For a gamer, it's serious.) After I update my BIOS to the lastest P4ITA2 revision, my RAM was underclocked from PC800 to PC600! It reduced my 3DMark score from 8089 to 7543! That's a serious drastic situation! My bandwidth dropped from 3.2gb/s/channel to 2.4gb/s/channel!!! Any remedy to it?
  2. Phantasm66

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    Yeah... put it back to the way that it was.

    I don't want to be preachy here but in my several years tenure as a computer technician and then as a systems administrator, I have broken many a thing by upgrading to the latest firmware / BIOS / etc... just because of the hell of it and not because that firmware or BIOS upgrade actually fixed any problem that I was having....

    Typical example was a CD-RW drive from Yamaha that I bought a few years back. This was back when having a CD-RW drive was a really big deal, and this was a SCSI drive which was like K I C K A S S ! ! ! !

    All was fine until I upgraded to the latest firmware and then all hell broke loose. At one stage the firmware actually got corrupted and the drive would do some really trippy things. For a long time I had to reapply the previous version of the firmware just to get the drive to write CDs and then still it would often refuse to properly read a CD that it had just written.

    There was no reason to appy the firmware, I just did it to be cool. So be aware of these issues and don't do stuff like that unless you really have to.

    I think you can probably roll back to the previous BIOS, your board's manufacturer's web site SHOULD have an archive of previous versions, or you can also try and see if they have an ftp server which will likely have it even if its not linked to on their web site.
  3. Arris

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    I had a serious performance loss when I upgraded the BIOS of my A7M266... like no performance from it at all.
    Even though I used Asus Flash tool and their own bios file it still died on me. I take back any comments I have previously said about it being completely safe to flash a BIOS. I'm currently investigating getting a replacement chip from one of the following places:

    To get the A7M266 working again and then sell it to my mate with my old 1.4Ghz Athlon ;)
  4. StormBringer

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    NEVER update drivers or flash the BIOS unless you are having a problem that it might fix. Or if the update adds support for something that you need. Otherwise, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  5. eddy05

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    Yeah I'll be one of the very first to admit that I flashed my BIOS jus' coz' I wanted to be cool, and because of peer pressure too. My friend has gotten a K7S5A and he's testing experiments and overclocking his Palomino Athlon XP 1700+. He said he got it to 1.533ghz, a full 1800+.

    I flashed to a previous version of the BIOS and now the frequency of the RAM reverts to 400mhz. I think I should stick to the "NEVER update your BIOS unless you need it" rule now. AND I sure hope ECS does something about it coz' the newer version contains a sort of BootBlock Protection.
  6. Vehementi

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    Re: Re-flashed

    A whopping 70MHz!!!
    Tell him to unlock it, then he could get it up to like 2000+ speeds. And I feel sure he can overclock more than that ;)

    I broke 2GHz w/ my 2100+ (Default is 1733)
  7. Th3M1ghtyD8

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    Find someone else with the same board, boot to dos with it, hot swap the BIOS chips and reflash it.
  8. Arris

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    Hi... I've broken my motherboard, Can I borrow part of yours?
    Not going to work well is it? ;)

    I'll just try getting a new chip. Thanks for the idea though.
  9. Th3M1ghtyD8

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    No but that's how I would do it. Either that or try to find a dead board with a working BIOS chip.
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