BSOD after BIOS update

By lucaf
Jun 16, 2014
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  1. How did that end up? You reinstalled windows? I have almost similar case with Aspire D250, but my BSOD begun after updating bios from 1.03 to latest 1.29. The SATA mode was of course reset to AHCI after bios update, but even setting it to IDE as it originally was, did not help, I continue to getting BSOD with code : 0x0000007B

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  2. Tmagic650

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    Are you running Windows 7?
  3. lucaf

    lucaf TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Win XP is discussed in this thread, I would mention if I had different OS. Anyway I reinstalled Win XP and got it running succesfully until installed chipset drivers, then crashed to same BSOD & error. So had to restore to previous restorepoint. In this phase I was running SATA mode IDE. How I managed to succesfully change SATA to work in AHCI mode I explained here:

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