Phenom CPU what Motherboard compliments?

By Pugamall
Oct 10, 2008
  1. Ok I THINK I have settled on getting AMD Phenom X4 Quad Core 9950 2.60GHz Black Edition for my new build(still not 100% decided but pretty sure it meets my needs)
    I would like your input as I'm fairly new to this,what am I looking for in a motherboard for this,I dont want an all singing all dancing MOBO and then find I never use half the options,but I want something that will maximise the cpu,have good cooling and Overclocking abilities,but wont become obselete next month ,
    I'm not going for massively Oc'd,but I Probably will up it minimaly
    It will be a games machine mainly

    I'm also like most people trying to keep costs down by not spending out all at once,so if there are any with built in graphics possibly capable of dx10 that may be an advantage until I can afford a new card,also I may start with slower ram and upgarde when I can afford it to help with costs

    There are a few bundles on ebay as guides,but I know nothing about the MOBO's so not sure if they are just mix and match or if the Mobo compliments the CPU

    Maybee you guys in the know might help

    Let me know what you advise,thanks
  2. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    A Phenom CPU is not the best choice for a gaming PC. A 45nm Core 2 Duo like the E8400 will be cheaper and significantly faster as well. The E8400 is available in a combo with the ASUS P5Q Pro on Newegg for around $300, which is an excellent price for such a fast CPU and a Crossfire-capable motherboard. There are cheaper options too like the E5200 and the E7200, which can be paired with a cheaper motherboard like the GA-EP43-DS3L. All the 45nm CPUs OC easily to 3GHz without much voltage tweaking and will far outclass AMD products in the same price range.

    If you are going the AMD route to save money, avoid the Phenom and get an X2 5400+ BE instead, and pair it with an AMD 780G chipset motherboard. The onboard video card on these mobos is the best out there at the moment, so you can save up for a video card and use this, and when you do get a video card, if you get an ATI one you can run the card in Hybrid Crossfire with the onboard GPU, boosting performance by a nice amount.
  3. kunjikaly

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    790gx is another option.

    790 gx from gigabye, asus, and biostar are good and less expensive.
    check newegg for details
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