Picking up HAM or CB talk over PC speakers

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Jan 1, 2011
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  1. Loganism

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    I used operate a CB with a bit more power than the fcc would like to see a CB signal having so I am quite familiar with RF bleed problems. First step is running a ground wire from the frame of your tower to the ground for your house (pretty simple) If that doesn't work it gets a little more complicated. The rf signal can be coming in through most anything you have directly connected to your computer. Internet setups that use coaxial cable are notorious for collecting shortwave RF. This can be alleviated by getting those little screw on caps they sell at radio shack to isolate open outlets, in addition make sure that any cable splitters are grounded. If all else fails try contacting the FCC if they are bleeding over that much dirty signal they are most likely running a high wattage amplifier which is illegal on CB radio bands because of the problem you are having. I hate to advise ratting them out but since I can run pirate wattage any more why should they get to :p
  2. I have. I idea where you pulled those wavelengths from, but they are wrong by a large amount. So much so that even on a 4 year old thred I feel compelled to correct them. 27mhz is ~11meters long. So you were sorta close there, but wave Lenght shortens with frequency so 54mhz is ~6m and 120mhz is definitely not 40m that would be around 7mhz. Btw 2.4ghz is very small aka microwave....get it microwave very small waves ~13cm.

  3. Here is what the FCC is going to tell you. Your speaker are a part15 device which has the following statement stamped on it: "this device must accept all interference even interference that causes in desired operations"

    As long as the Ham or CB operator is following the rules aka not exceeding 1500watts for ham or 5watts CB. You have 3 options turn the speakers off, fix the speakers or buy better speakers that are shielded.

    Basically the electronics in your speakers are junk and the will probably pick up your cell phone if you get it close enough. Sorry but that's the rules.

    Lin N4YCI ham since '90

  4. got your fequencies all wrong mate.
    27 mhz is 11 meter band
    14 mhz is 20 meter band.
    7 mhz is 40 meter band.
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  5. jobeard

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    Oops; it's only been 35 years since I played with this stuff - - you are correct.

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