Razer unveils Nommo V2 line of modular PC gaming speakers

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Why it matters: Razer has introduced a trio of PC gaming speakers spanning a range of price points and features. The lower end offerings are upgradeable, allowing gamers to assemble more capable systems over time as their budget allows.

The flagship Razer Nommo V2 Pro is a full range speaker and wireless subwoofer combo. The bundle includes two speakers, each sporting 3-inch full range drivers with aluminum phase plugs for natural and clear acoustics, as well as a wireless down-firing sub. The speakers additionally feature rear-projection RGB lighting to enhance immersion.

According to Razer, it is the world's first PC gaming speaker system with a wireless down-firing sub. The Nommo V2 Pro is also said to be the first desktop speaker system to support THX Spatial Audio.

A wireless control pod makes it easy to adjust volume, pause / play music, adjust equalizer settings, and more. The controller connects wirelessly via Bluetooth and can run for up to eight months before needing to be recharged.

The standard Razer Nommo V2, meanwhile, includes the same two full-range speakers but trades out the wireless sub for a wired version. It does not include the wireless control pod, but is also a full $150 cheaper at $299.99 versus $449.99 for the Pro kit.

The Nommo V2 X, meanwhile, is a 2.0 system for those looking to save even more cash. It eliminates the subwoofer entirely, and instead relies on the speakers' rear-facing ports for bass. They also don't appear to utilize RGB lighting and have less frequency response than the other systems: 75 Hz – 20 kHz versus 40 Hz – 20 kHz. The price? $149.99.

All three kits will be available directly from Razer's online store and authorized resellers starting in June. All are compatible with PC as well as consoles and mobile devices.

Razer also plans to sell the wireless control pod separately for $49.99 should you want to add it to a lower-end kit down the road. It won't be available until August, however.

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