Realtek HDA drivers over UDA on a Lenovo PC

I have a Lenovo 510-A 15I-CB desktop and it has now installed the UDA drivers Realtek w/its 'Console' that doesn't open and
I much prefer the HDA-drivers and shouldn't have opted to upgrade the Sound Drivers because of the Audio Manager that lost to console. It's not what I would 'rather.' Soon having computer built and will customize it to get more in the way of what I want over what I have to settle for as for this hassle or fight to get the audio manager's realtek. Realizing yes, the sound is good right now in headphones but as for the Klipsh speakers, one speaker works (left) the computer speakers, and I mostly headphones anyway.
Is there way to get Lenovo to get my request and show a HDA past driver to download or is it something to do on my own and hope to get a decent one to work w/their mobo? Thanks!