Pixel 7 Pro leaked renders suggest more of the same from Google


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Rumor mill: Google had a wildly successful launch with the Pixel 6 series, at least where it was available, and it looks like the company isn’t shaking the formula too much for its successor. Renders for the Pixel 7 Pro, which have surfaced quite early considering its expected October launch window, reveal a similar design to last year’s model save for a revamped camera module that now blends in with the frame.

Google bid farewell to its safe but bland phone design with the launch of its Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. Although not as sleek-looking as other rivals in the Android/iOS space, the square design and dual-tone finish became instantly recognizable and unique to Google’s latest flagship.

While it was safe to assume that Google would be sticking with this design language for the upcoming value-based Pixel 6a, the Pixel 7 Pro flagship expected to launch in fall apparently won’t look that different either.

Based on leaked renders shared by Onleaks (via Smartprix), the Pixel 7 Pro looks nigh-on identical to the current 6 Pro, apart from the bigger lenses in the visor (potentially subject to change) and a redesigned module that merges with the phone’s frame for a neater finish.

At 8.7mm thick (11.7mm with the visor), the Pixel 7 Pro is also expected to be 0.2mm thinner than its main Android rival for this year, the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Other details include dual stereo speaks and USB-C at the bottom, a SIM slot on the left side, and power + volume buttons on the right.

As for the internals, 9to5Google reported recently that the search giant was working on a 2nd-gen GS201 Tensor chip with Samsung’s Exynos Modem 5300 for devices codenamed “Cheetah” and “Panther,” I.e., the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro.

Google's hardware design has changed the Pixel's look dramatically over the years, with the Pixel 3 XL and its ugly notch arguably being the lowest point for the series. With the Pixel 6, however, it seems like Google has finally come up with an iconic look that it will continue to refine across several generations.

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They don't need to always reinvent the wheel in regards to how it looks. What they need to work on is software optimization. One example is the camera. My wife's Pixel 6 has a noticeably slower/laggy shutter speed in comparison to my Pixel 2. Also, there are times when launching the camera app shows nothing but a black screen and other times, it launches perfectly in a fraction of a second.


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I had the 3 XL, the notch sucked but I got over it. Currently have the S21+


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A rumor this early... A month before release we will get 10 more articles still pretending to know what it will look like.


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The looks are fine. We dont need radical new designs. Now a thicker chassis with a bigger battery? THAT would be revolutionary. That and a SD card slot, so we are not hamstrung by tiny on board storage.


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I love my 6 Pro, the battery could admittedly be better - however other than that, I have had zero issues. Snappy and clean as ever.

With "average" use, I'm getting almost 2 days battery life with my 6 Pro. :)


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I don’t have any complaints about the design. To me, there is no need to make frequent changes to the design if it works. Apple for example have barely changed the design of their phones since iPhone X. Technologically, Apple is pretty much behind and stagnant. However back to Google, I think the quality of the hardware is generally quite lacklustre in my opinion. Besides their main cash cow of selling data and advertising, the rest of their initiatives are secondary which is reflected in their half hearted efforts.