Please help fix my stupidity

By tony42086
Mar 23, 2009
  1. Ok, here's the story. I have Norton Antivirus 2009 and I'm am not able to use it properly. My computer is acting somewhat strange. Norton gives me an error message saying something about the internal workings of Norton have failed, and instructs to exit out of Norton. I'm pretty sure this is resulting from malware of some sort. This is the case because I was wanting to spy on someone who i thought was missusing my computer. I downloaded a keylogger and that's where it all went downhill from there. It called for making it a signature exclusion, as I believe it is considered a trojan. I did it and have nothing but problems with it since. Since then I have removed it as an exclusion and removed it from my com(or at least I think I did). It was still acting weird so I used the Norton removal tool, which did nothing for me. Strangely enough though I can still use the scan features and access it through the icon on the lower right hand corner of my screen. You can't access it anywhere else though, i.e. a desktop icon. I will try to update you later with more technical details, as I'm away from my computer right now. I now, I now, a very stupid move on my part for downloading this program and ingnoring Nortons messages, but i guess i learn best from learning the hard way, LOL. Can any of you guys help me?
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    a very simple way of solving this problem is using the system restore utility. just restore your system to a previous date, a date before the day you installed the program. you can access the system restore utility in win xp from start-all programs-accessories-system tools-system restore. go ahead and restore to an earlier date. afterwards set a password on your system and you may enable guest account for other users.

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    This is what we direct Members to: UPDATED 8-step Viruses/Spyware/Malware Preliminary Removal Instructions
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