Please help, flash drive size shrinks because Power Quest Partition Magic 8.0

By Aleczan
Apr 11, 2008
  1. Hello, my friend had downloaded Power Quest Partition Magic 8.0 and was installing it. But when the program asked her to make a Rescue Diskette, she realized that her Notebook does not have diskette drive. So she plugged in her flash drive.

    Then her flash drive's size shrank from 2GB to 1.38MB. And folders inside it (as viewed on her notebook) had weird names (became symbols instead of English font)

    She's now worried about files that she previously stored in that thumbdrive.

    Is there any way to rescue those files and convert her flash drive back to its normal?
  2. Tedster

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    nope- those files are gone, they have been overwritten. The use of a file recovery program (many are free) may be able to get some of them, but many may be gone, the longer she waits the worse of the chance it will be that they are overwritten.

    She will need to use partition magic - the same program to resize the flash drive.

    It is HIGHLY inadvisable to partition flash drives. NEVER save ANYTHING on a flash drive that you cannot afford to lose. The media is unreliable by nature.
  3. Aleczan

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    You see, she wasn't trying to partition the flash drive, she was just plugging it in to use as substitute for Diskette to make a Rescue Disc.

    But well, I suppose it has the same effect...the data was all lost.
    I'll suggest her to get a data recovery program, then. Thank you.
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