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By Frgmstr533
Jan 5, 2010
  1. Hello,

    I recently bought an upgrade for my pc this upgrade contains the AMD Phenom X2 550 black edition, Corsair 2 gb 1333MHZ RAM, GeForce 8800GT and the MSI 790GX-G65...

    Anyway here is my problem, when i try to boot my PC it will go untill the loading screen and then it restarts, i cant figure out what the problem is, im not that handy with computers... i hope you guys can give me an answer... my OS is windows 7 ultimate.

    How i worked to build my PC:
    I unplugged my old motherboard Asus M2V-TVM and put the new board in, after this i plugged all the plugs in the right places, then i put in the Phenom, cooler on top and the RAM memory... well, here we are back to my issue, it wont boot fully, with system recovery it says it cant recover? weird stuff...

    sry for bad english, typing too fast...

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. IvanAwfulitch

    IvanAwfulitch TS Booster Posts: 218   +11

    I know these may sound like dumb questions, but you never know. It's possible that you missed a few details when you were setting up your system:

    Have you checked the screws that are holding down the board? Screwing it down too tight can cause a short and sometimes even prevent the computer from starting up at all.

    Double-check the heatsink/fan on top of your processor. If you didn't put it on tightly enough, or didn't put it on right at all, then the processor will over-heat and that might be telling the computer to shut-down and restart. Double-check the thermal paste on the CPU. Make sure there is some paste on there, and that it's coated properly.

    Double-check the plugs where you put in the Power and Reset wires. Make sure they're connected properly and in the correct plugs.

    Check the wattage on your power supply. If your power supply isn't powerful enough, your computer will have trouble working or will constantly restart. For a system like that, a minimum of about 500 or 550 watts is needed. The processor, video card, and the RAM will eat up a good portion of that power.

    It might also be a faulty power supply. Try another one if possible.

    It might be that the new board isn't recognizing your hard drive and can't boot.

    Make doubly sure that all connections are snug. Re-seat the video card, RAM, and re-seat the plug for the hard drive.

    I hope this helps. At the very least, it'll troubleshoot a lot of potential problems and narrow it down if it doesn't solve anything.
  3. flowerpower

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    +1 to what the previous poster said. Double check everything and if everything is connected it could be a faulty component, like a PSU or RAM or GPU.

    Also, you do know that you need to reinstall Windows when you swap motherboards? Sometimes you can get away with the old install, when its the same or similar chipset but most of the time you cant. If you had this install on the old board its a good bet you need to reinstall. At least your problem looks like that could be the issue.
  4. Frgmstr533

    Frgmstr533 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i double checked everything and it still doesnt boot, it comes up to the loading screen of windows but then it powers down... And i didnt know i had to reinstal windows when swapping boards :$ whoops, i will do that and if it works i will post it! thanks for the help people, really appreciate it!
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