Please help, my computer keeps crashing

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Dec 16, 2004
  1. BradNErikE

    BradNErikE TS Rookie

    Weird Problems

    About a year ago I aquired a Fujitsu Lifebook E series laptop from my work. About a month later the power supply stopped working so I checked the power supply and it was fine. I then took apart my laptop knowing it was something internal. I fixed the problem and put it back together. It worked perfectly again. One day i was trying my password and (me being stupid) kept putting in the wrong password. It locked my account out and asked for an administrator to unlock it. This username wase only username available on the computer so I had to reinstall windows onto the computer. After that it worked fine for about a month before it started giving me problems. It started to randomly crash and I just ignored it at first but the crashes got worse. After a while a blue screen started popping up. Afterwords it would continually crash, corrupting files. When I tried to turn it on, it would do a disk check and delete corrupt filles from the c drive. Then if I left it alone for like a week and turned it back on, it would run for a little while and then go through the same process, I am starting to wonder if it is the hard drive or if it is the software on the computer. The errors on the computer are not always the same message either. Sorry this explaination is vague but it is the only one i can give you.
  2. Katbeatina

    Katbeatina TS Rookie

    I am having the same problem, my computer just shuts off or more often just ups and reboots itself. My boyfriend thought it was my hard drive since at PC Pitstop he did a scan and it said my hard drive was in the 35% range. So today is the 1st day with my new hard drive and it still did the same thing. I get this error message (at least this time) BCCode : 40000080 BCP1 : 8A9FF130 BCP2 : 8A39F760 BCP3 : 80556FE0

    BCP4 : 00000001 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 3_0 Product : 768_1

    I took my computer into a shop for 5 days while on vacation and he ran defrag, scan disc, ad-ware, cleaned temp files, optimized memory, checked for malware, scanned for virus and it still does the same thing. (actually I wasnt really happy with the store guy, I told him I already did most of that scan disc stuff at hime but he repeated it all). SO, my computer is 3 years old. got XP, I know I got upgrade high tech video card (im a gamer) and I got tons of ram. Any ideas? thanks !!
  3. Ryelic

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    PC Crashing!!!

    Ok...i've been trying to get this PC to run smooth for a few months now but as soon as i think i have it locked in....CRASH!!!...I just dont' understand...the machine is running XP Professional (SP2) Now it is not a pirated copy i have the original disc but i do have the automatic updates turned off due to recent hiccups with Microsoft...its also always something different when it crashes...ex. NTLDR FILE MISSING...and SYSTEM32/CONFIG/SYSTEM FILE CORRUPT OF im not completly ignorant of computers...i have already done automated system recovery and recopied and refixed the MBR on several occasions as well as just said "OK LET'S RE-FORMAT AGAIN!!!" all i want is for that PC to run smoothly...i have thought about downloading deepfreeze to stop the problem so as soon as it reboots everything is back to normal...but i was leary about it...If anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciatied and not forgotten thank you.
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